As you all know I have a massive sweet tooth so when I got asked if I wanted some brownies to try I jumped at the chance :) And I wasn't dissapointed. These brownies were very decadent and rich in chocolatly goodness. They have a fudgy texture which I liked however I could only manage one half in one go as they are pretty filling. They are great for any intolerances/allergies or if you follow a paleo lifestyle as they are free from gluten, egg, soya, dairy and corn.

Designed2eat is a company set up by Charleh Dickenson with the intention of creating food everyone can enjoy. They offer a variety of bakes that they make to order as well as other health foods suitable for a paleo lifestyle. I highly recommend that you check them out as well as have a watch of this video to find out more from the director herself.


I decided to experiment with them to see if I could create something more snack size for me :) and it worked pretty well. When heated up the brownie became more managble and easy to mix with other things so I made some mini cake like treats that could be served up as a party nibble, on their own as a little treat or as part of a sweet dessert.

Chocolate spiced stars

Makes 6

Macros: 80 cals / 3.1gF / 16.1g C/ 1.8g P


1 Designed2eat Brownie

20g Sukrin Coconut Flour

10g Beloved Date Nectar

25ml Unsweetend Almond Milk

Tsp mixed spice

20g Sukrin Icing Sugar

TRKG cinnamon vanilla sugar free syrup (optional)


*Crumble up the brownie and heat in the microwave for 1 -2 mins

*Stir in the flour, date nectar and spices. Add the milk a bit at a time until a cake like texture is created.

*Using a star cookie cutter press some of the mixture into it to create the shape. Repeat this 6 times

*Place in the fridge to set

*Mix together your Icing sugar with the sufar free syrup or water

*Spread on top of the stars and sprinkle with some more mixed spice

Enjoy :)

Served here with some chocolate proyo and Myprotein sugar free chocolate sauce

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