Egg Muffins

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Super simple and easy to make for a quick on the go meal :) High protein and you can add whatever fillings you like to satisfy your hunger

I like to have these with me to snack on during a busy day at work rather than grabbing a sugary snack. They keep me fuller and are much more nutritious.

To make them all you need are

Some egg and egg whites - I find liquid egg whites are easier to use so you dont waste the yolks. You can get them from Shops4Supplements (VICKIPT for 10% off) or Musclefood.

Fillings of your choice

Muffin cases

Makes 8


200ml liquid egg whites (about 7 medium egg whites) and 1 whole egg OR

150ml liquid egg whites (5 medium egg whites) and 2 whole eggs

All depends if you want higher fat content or not

100g chopped cherry tomatoes

Handful of spinach

4 light cheese triangles

Salt, pepper and smoked paprika for flavouring


*Whisk together the eggs and seasoning.

*Whilt the spinach and add this and tomatoes into each muffin case

*Pour the egg mixture into the muffin cases

*Split up the cheese triangles 1/2 in each case

*Bake in oven at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes

Serving size 2-4 muffins depending on meal size

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