Are you up for the Challenge ?

One of my goals this year was to complete 2 fitness challenges. Well I am halfway to one of them having just signed up for Total Warrior Lake District in August !! Yes I know that seems like an age away but it is now set that I have to do it rather than just saying I will. It also gives me something to work towards as I need to seriously work on my upper body strength if I want to do those monkey bars ( It's also cheaper the earlier you book :) )

Now it's your turn !

Focus your attention on a fitness challenge as a goal rather than as aesthetic reasoning. Now I know that there will be a fair few of you who want to lose weight and that is why you workout, and I'm not saying you have to forget about it. What I want you to do is have fun ! Aswell as having something more substantial to work towards :)

So whether that is to enter a fitness event or a race, set a PB you want to hit, run a certain distance in x amount of time or finally master unassited pull ups for x amount go for it ! And be ready to take on the challenge :)

Get friends and family involved and make it thing - i promise you there will be more fun had and you will feel like you have accomplished something. And your aesthetic goals ? Well with a decent diet and the exercise you will be doing for the challenge will get you there :)

Vicki xxx

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