Its ok to REST

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I will be the first person to hold my hands up and say I don't really rest ... I'm always on the go with my work and my own training. And when I get ill I feel i can power through well guess what I can't!

Last week I got ill the usual run down cold type of thing so I stopped training for 4 days (which is unheard of for me ha) but I still worked starting at 6am everyday as being self employed it can be hard to take time off. Then I thought I felt better so on thursday I went back to training as well and this weekend I had a 14 hr weekend of fitness training in which I slowly got worse and worse as the weekend went on. Now i have completely burnt out - no energy, emotions all over the place and my body is having all kind of issues so I've had to take a day off anyway. The moral of this story is I should have just taken the day when I first got ill to recouperate and fully get better.

We are only human at the end of day and can only do so much. You wouldn't run a car on empty so why do we try to run our bodies on it ? That saying 'Listen to your body' ? It's a pretty good one and we should do more of it ! If you are feeling run down or your body is fatigued then REST.

Make sure you are adding rest days into your program to give your musles time to repair and your body time to renergise.

Give yourself time to


Eat well

Sleep properly

Take time off and out to unwind

It is good for the body and the mind to have these days to chill out and just relax. It's not lazy to have a rest day. This is something I need to enforce on myself alot so I can practice what I preach to my clients. So from now on I am having a mid week rest day (which will be a little more active due to work) and a weekend rest day where I do just that ... REST. Then I will be ready to kickstart my week with the energy and fire I need not in bed struggling to move much like now.

I realise this is a bit of a ramble sorry

Vicki xxx

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