Hamstring and Glute workout

I have been getting a fair few comments on my bum is getting bigger and I'm loving it! It has taken me a long time to get this peach and I've worked bloody hard for it. So I'm not ashamed to say I'm proud of it :)

Theres a year and a half between these pictures - so keep going you will get there :)

Here is a workout I did the other day that will definitley target those glutes - believe me I had the butt DOMS to prove it haha

The key is to activate the glutes in order to make sure they are fired up ready to work. This is why I use a mini resistance band in the warm up and certain exercises. Don't worry if you dont have one it can all be done without but I highly recommend it. I got mine from Amazon.

WU: Banded crab walks

A1: Banded Goblet Squats x10

A2: In and Out Jump Squats x 10

3 rounds

Pick 3 pairs of dumbells decreasing in weight (I went for 12, 8 & 4kg)

B1: DB Split Squat heavy weight x 8

B2: DB Split Squat moderate weight x 8

B3: DB Split Squat light weight x 8

Do this all on one leg then repeat on the other

3 rounds

Pick 2 pairs of dumbells the first weight challenges you then drop down to half the weight e.g. 16 & 8kg

C1: Banded DB Deadlifts heavy weight x 10

C2: Banded DB Deadlifts light weight x 10

C3: Banded Crab walks x 10

3 rounds

D1: Single leg get ups (both legs)

D2: Straight leg donkey kicks (both legs)

D3: BW Glute bridges

DB - Dumbbell

BW- Bodyweight

If you have any questions about the workout or exercises drop me a message

Let me know if you give it a go and if you like this sort of thing so I can do more

Thank you

Vicki xxx

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