Supergreens - what makes them so super ?

Not the most appealing looking of drinks but this green pint packs quite a punch :) Containing 23 superfood ingrendients including Spriulina, Wheatgrass, Broccoli powder, Green Tea extract and Barley Grass powder.

A single serving of this stuff can equilivent your 5 a day so if you struggle to get in those essential fruit and veg portions this could help. Due to this it can really help keep your immune system in check - perfect with all the colds going around. It's definitley a staple for me at the moment as the gym is freezing at the moment ...

It has been formulated to help boost energy setting you up for the day as well as helping aid the digestive system. There is no need for radical detoxes when you can just take a spoonful of this in the morning with water and let it aid the natural detoxing system of the body.

I personally love the stuff and couldn't imagine not taking it every morning now. I find it makes me feel for refreshed in a morning which is needed at 4.45am ha! There has been a noticable difference in my skin since I started taking it as well - alot clearer and a bit of a 'glow' as people call it :)

And little tip - its a great post nightout cure ;)

I get mine from Natural Whey (DC: VMNWC) and it's available in mango and orange flavour which makes it a lot easier to drink - I've tried natural ones and they taste like earth and it's not nice ! I do understand that the idea of drinking this on its own might not be appealing for some so why not add it to a smoothie ?

Here are a couple of recipes for you

Green Smoothie

*30g avocado

*handful spinach

*1 scoop Mango Supergreens

*1 scoop Vanilla Protein

*200ml almond milk (or milk of choice)


10g chia seeds

10g Sukrin Almond flour

Banana flav drops

Chocolate Orange

*1 scoop Chocolate Whey

*1/2 Banana

*1 scoop Orange Supergreens

*200ml almond milk (milk of choice)



*10g chia seeds

Happy Drinking :)


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