A new lease of life

After a rocky start to the new year it seems I have my positve pants on because these past few days I have felt awesome! And it seems to show as Sophia mentioned it yesterday to me at training :)

I don't really know the exact reason for the sudden mood and outlook change but I'm in a pretty good place at the moment and I LIKE IT.

It could be because I'm focusing more on the positives because of the postive jar im keeping


I'm loving my PTing both clients old and new


My friends and family are bloody awesome and doing so well in their own endevours


Just the fact I have found my groove again and everything is fitting into place

Yes obviously I'm not 100% happy ALL of the time but I feel good and as cheesy as it sounds it is 'a new me'

SO on that note I thought I would give you a quick update on little old me ...


Into my second year of being a PT and it is still as exciting and fun as when I started I just have more knowledge and experience now. New training oppotunites are coming up which is exciting and I still have some spaces for new clients so if you are interested give me shout.

Alongside this I am offering Sports Massage - loving the fact I have a new skill and service to share.

Blogging is starting to feel alot more natural and part of me rather than just a hobby. Its a great platform for me to share my thoughts, opinions, ideas and advice with you all and I hope you enjoy reading it. It has opened a world of oppotunites, connections with new people and rekindled my love to bake and create.


Embarking on a new fitness plan to get stronger and build more muscle hoping to hit some PBs and get some definition. The DOMS are worth it when the results come through.

I am also starting to carb cycle as a slow transition into prep for a photoshoot in a few months time so excited for that :)


Finally finding my balance of work and play. Allowing myself time off to have fun and socialise. I'm hoping I will be able to go back to see my family more often as well trips to see friends in different parts of the country.

It definitley helps that I have a great friendship and support network close to me here in Manchester to keep me sane and grounded :)

If you got to the end of this ramble WELL DONE haha. I just wanted to share this moment and give a bit of personality to the person behind the words :)

I hope you are all feeling just as fab

Vicki xxx

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