PB&J Cheesecake Pots

PB and J one of those classic flavour combos that will never get old. As you all know I'm a bit of peanut butter addict so anything I can create with that in mind is good for me :)

Dessert - one of my favourite meals! I used to always check out the dessert options first in restaurants to base my main around it ha. A massive sweet tooth I will eat anything and this isn't always the best thing to do ... Therefore I am always looking for ways to make more guilt free but just as tasty dessert options.

Cheesecakes have always been considered a light option but when you actually look at the ingredients - biscuits, cream cheese, sugar, butter ... it ends up not so much. So I have created a gluten and refined sugar free option for you all to enjoy.

Makes 2



25g oats (I used Mornflake supereasy oats)

10g Almond flour (Sukrin)

20g Crunchy Peanut Butter (Merdians)

5g Date Nectar (Beloved)


30g Vanilla Protein (Natural Whey)

100g Quark

Peanut Butter Flav Drops to taste (MyProtein)


40g Frozen Berries

10g Sugar Free Syrup (Musclefood)

PB drizzle:

10g Peanut flour (Sukrin)

Liquid to mix ( I used Vanilla Sf syrup)


*Place the peanut butter in a bowl and microwave for a min to melt it down

*Add in the rest of the base ingredients

*Press down into 2 small pots and place in the fridge to set

*Make the middle by mixing the ingredients together add a dash of milk if needed to get the consitency then spoon onto the bases. Place back in the fridge to set

*Pour the berries into a bowl and microwave until soft (1-2 mins). Mash all the berries down and add the syrup. Stirring to create the 'jam'

*Mix together the peanut flour and liquid to create a paste

*Top the cheesecakes with the jam and then the pb paste. You can either eat them straight away or place back in the fridge until later

Let me know if you create these by tagging me #vickimptrecipe over on social media.

Also this was my creation for the competition my friend SpamellaB and Mornflake are running over on Pams Instagram. So head on over and have a look at the competition and maybe enter yourself :) #MornflakeNewYou


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