2015 reflections

As 2015 comes to an end its time to look back on what a year it has been ! And it's been a pretty good year - I started my job that I love, had a fitness photoshoot done, set up a blog, met some fab friends and made lots of memories.


Personal Trainer After qualifying at the end of 2014 I began my career at The Gym Group Manchester. And I love it !! Yes there were struggles at the start but I am ending the year feeling very positive and looking forward to the future. I definitely feel I have found my calling helping others reach their fitness goals.

Sports Massage Therapist As someone that always wants to learn more and increase my skills I also qualified as a sports massage therapist - something I've wanted to achieve since uni. Another string to my bow and goal ticked off my list :)

Fitness and Health blogger There is a title I didn't think I would every say but I am so happy to be apart of the blogging world. This little baby was created due to me writing essays on my Instagram haha. No in all seriousness I wanted to make a place that was open to everyone to help with their fitness and health journeys. I love writing posts creating recipes and workouts so I really hope it all helps. It was from this that my Newsletter came about and there are big plans for this.

Oppotunites and Events

Body power was a massive highlight for 2015 as I got to meet so many people from social media that inspire and support me everyday. It was a brilliant 2 days and the freebies were awesome ha.

MyProtein Girls Only Event was the first Manchester blogger event I attended and I loved it as it helped me to meet more people and build my network. Then the GirlGains event this December bringing the movement to the world.

Supperclubs ! Definitley can't forget these as they were gorgeous both SpamellaBs pop up restaurant for All4 and WedgesandWeights supperclub. Food shared with friends what could be bettter.

Photoshoot with the help of LiftusFitness I prepped myself ready for a photoshoot and couldnt have been happier ! So much so I have another one booked for mid next year :) Thank you Josh for the fab pictures.

Through my blog and social media I have been connected with some fab companies whose products I love and use everyday. It has helped me become affiliated with Natural Whey and MyProtein as well as get a recipe in a recipe book !! (blog post to follow)

Born Survivor was my first obstacle race and I loved it roll on the next one !!


The friends I have gained this year have been invaluable to me and definite friends for life. Who knew that social media would be such a huge part of my life? I have met so many like minded people who are always there to support me and it was great to go to body power and meet the majority of you all.

Not to mention my Manchester lovelies Pam, Sophie, Katie and Sophia couldn't have got through half this stuff without you.

And then outside of my fitness/foodie bubble I had a uni friend move to Manchester which made this city even more like home, realised who my true friends are, we may be seperated by distance but that doesn't make it any less of a friendship and I am so proud of all you are achieving. And of course one of my best friends got engaged !! Can't wait for the wedding especially as I'm bridesmaid ;)

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by you all so thank you for everything xx


I think for the first time in a long time I can truly say I'm happy !!

I have

*a job I love

*found a hobby that has become a passion

*an amazing family and boyfriend that constantly keep me grounded and are always there no matter what

*fabulous friends who support and inspire me everyday

I am proud of all I have achieved and what my body looks like at the moment. I can improve but I love where I am right now and I'm smashing PBs in my workouts getting stronger, getting leaner :) I no longer obsess over everything and worry when I indulge etc

I finally have BALANCE !!!

A massive thank you to all of you for being a part of this journey and those special people who have helped me achieve it all. Here is to a bigger and better 2016 !!


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