Top tips to keep active

Struggling to keep active over Christmas time or worrying about how to ?

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I know that my current workout routine is not going to continue over the Christmas week for a variety of reasons - I'm staying with family, not near my gym, seeing friends and family, celbrating etc. However this doesn't mean that I wont be staying active - I'm going to need to with all the food I know I am going to eat haha.

Here are some simple steps to follow so you to can keep active in between the celebrations.

HIIT at home

As soon as you get up give your body a 20 minute blast with a bodyweight HIIT. It will wake you up, get the endorphins flowing and set you up for the day. It also gets it out of the way :) Check out my earlier blog about how to create your own sessions.


If you're like me and have lots of social gatherings to attend this Christmas walk to the them. As much as you can opt to walk rather than drive or take some public transport as this will help to keep your calorie output high. If you have an activity tracker or an app set a step goal and make sure you hit it everyday! I love my Fitbit for this as it makes me get up and move more.

Get the family involved

Go out for a post Christmas dinner walk all together making it more of a social event as well as walking off that food coma ;). Maybe you could all get together and do some kind of activity - hopefully it will snow so we can all go sledging :)

Extra food means better workouts

With all the the extra food that will be eaten put it to good use and smash out epic sessions either at home or the gym. I don't know about you but always find after a night of indulgence the next day when I train tends to result in a PB or 2 so go for it !! Obviously Christmas Day is not going to have a workout in but if you can try to maintain your current workout routine as much as possible the other days.

I hope these help and enjoy your Christmas and New year !!

Merry Christmas

Vicki xx

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