"The Most Important thing in you make up bag ..."

"is your bed"

A different sort of post from me today but something I think alot of you will relate to and that is our Skin. I don't know about you but I go through stages where my skin is awful - dry, spotty you name it. With my job it can be quite hard on my skin with the workouts, classes, air conditioning, make up and there are times when I feel rubbish because of it. I've tried loads of products but it always comes back. So when I was asked to look at this video about how sleep can help with acne I was intrigued.

A study was done by Adjustablebeds to see if improvements in sleep patterns could improve acne and help clear skin in just 7 days. They got the help of a young women Dorothy who had suffered from a young age and was up for the challenge.

It was interesting to see how much her skin did clear over the 7 days as well as how much more energy she had as well. We all know that sleep is vital for recovery but I didn't realise how much it affected our skin. If you suffer from bad skin I highly recommend that you take a look at the video below to see the results for yourself.

Struggle to sleep ?

I am the worse for not getting a decent nights sleep and it is something I am trying to make more of an effort to get. Here are a few tips I am trying to do to get my body ready for sleep:

*Switch off - an hour before you go to sleep get rid of the electrical devices so your brain can start to calm down

*You time - have some time for yourself to calm yourself down whether that is reading a book, having a bath, getting some headspace

*Hot drinks - I love having a nice hot sweet tea or hot chocolate before a go to bed as it lulls my body into a relaxtion mode perfect for sleep

Have a look at the video yourself and make sure you get enough sleep this Christmas


This is a completely independent study with Dorothy’s own personal views, thoughts and reactions and parts of the video were filmed by her in her own home as she commented on progress.

I have not been paid for this post all the thoughts are my own

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