Booty Burn

Time to get those glutes working and feel the burn :) This is a great workout that you can do on it's own or add in to your current glute focused session.


On the Tri set really make sure the lowering phase is slow and controlled.

Squeeze the glutes as you come up from the Goblet Squat

Keep the weight in the heels, push the bum back as you lower in the Deadlift, core tight back straight

Don't let your pelvis touch the floor on the bridges squeezing the glutes at the top.

Tri set : Front raised lunge, Split squat, Static lunge x 10 on each leg

Repeat 3 times

20 in and out Squat jumps

Wide Goblet Squats SS DB Deadlifts x 15

Repeat 3 times

20 in and out Squat Jumps

Donkey Kickbacks SS Single Leg Glute Bridges x20 each leg

Repeat 2 times

Don't forget to tag me and use the tag #vickimptworkout if you give it a go. If you want to give me a sweaty selfie to go for it :)

Enjoy xxx

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