How to stay on track this Christmas

I don't know about you but for as long as I can remember as soon as the words Christmas were mentioned it seemed OK to eat ALL the food 😂🙈 especially chocolate ! However this year I am determined to stay on track as I don't want to restarting January but carry on 😊

So I thought I would share with you all my top tips to help you stay on track over the festive season whilst still enjoying it.

🎄 Be active everyday

Even if it just a walk try and do something active to keep your body and mind still in the zone. If you can try and get a workout in in the morning because then it is done and dusted 😊 and yes Christmas shopping does count !

🎄 Get your proteins and greens in

With the many parties, meals and markets it is guaranteed our diet isn't going to be the best so if you aim to at least get protein and those green veggies in every meal you will still be getting in those essential nutrients and muscle building aminos. Protein also keeps you fuller for longer so less likely to snack - winning

🎄 Indulge in the best bits

Don't just eat stuff because it's there - pick the bits that you like the best and go for them. That way you will enjoy them more without feeling guilty about it. And stop when your full - it's ok to not go back for seconds.

🎄 Be mindful

If you know you are going out or for a big meal then just tailor the rest of your day around that keeping your carbs and fats slightly lower to accommodate for the food/ alcohol you will consume.

🎄Drink plenty of water

Get at least 2L to keep hydrated. It will keep you energised as well as aiding to flush out toxins. Also when you are out alternate between alcoholic drink and water.

🎄Top up your vitamins

As well as eating plenty of fruit and veg it might be worth investing in a good multivitamin and vitamin C supplement to make sure you keep your body topped up.


At least 6 to 8 hours for recovery and rest. It will help to give your body some time to chill and refresh. You will feel 100% better and ready to take on the day. It will make it a lot easier to follow the rest of the tips if you are on top form :)

🎄Keep calm

It is the season to be jolly therefore don't stress over things. Enjoy all the moments and make memories as that is what you will look back on. If you over indulge or miss a workout it's ok don't stress and move on with a fresh outlook.

Here's to a happy holiday season

Merry Christmas lovelies

Vicki xxx

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