Salted caramel PB Bites

Makes 14

Macros 96 cals F- 6.3g C-2.3g P-6.7g


160g Meridians crunchy peanut butter

60g Natural Whey Vanilla Ice Cream (Salted Caramel MyProtein would also work)

12g Hales Powdered Peanut Butter (PPB)

6g Harvest Morn Golden Milled Linseed

30ml Jordans Salted Caramel Sugar Free Syrup

*Mix all the dry ingredients together (minus the linseed)

*Add in the syrup a bit a time to form a big ball

*Break into 14 pieces and roll each one into a small ball shape with some of the linseed to bind it

*Place in fridge to set

Optional Topping

So i melted down 7 pieces and added a dash of tescos salted caramel extract before topping on the bites :)

You could use any melted down dark chocolate or even mix together some cocoa powder, coconut oil and caramel extract.

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