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After Glutes and Hamstrings, training Back is my next favourite body part to train. So I thought I would share with you my favourite exercises to do. Now remember the Back isn't ONE muscle it is an area of the body that contains key muscles so each of them need to be targeted so specific areas.

The main muscles in the Back are shown below (not the most accurate of diagrams but you get the gist)

Here are my fave exercises at the moment :)

Upper back - Traps, Lats

Pull ups

I have FINALLY mastered one unassisted !! It has taken a while ha but i'm getting there.

You can do these on an assisted chin up machine, with a resistance band on the unassisted or completely on their own. There are also a variety of grips wide, close, underhand ... targeting certain parts more than others. Also they vary in difficulty. On each one make sure you keep your spine neutral, shoulders down, core tight and neck relaxed. Focus on engaging the muscles as you lift yourself up don't let the arms do all the work!

Lat Pull Downs

The classic grip is a wide grip, but there are a variety of variations - narrow, mid, overhand or underhand each one targets the back in a different way. Whichever one you are doing just back sure you lean slightly back from the pelvis, control the weigh on the way down and squueze the shoulder blades together at the bottom. Then make sure the release is controlled and no over extension of the elbows.

Middle Back - Rhomboids, mid traps

Seated Row

Slight arch in your back and lean. Keep the elbows tucked as you pull the handles towards you. Squeeze at the end of the pull hold for a second then slowly return to the start position. Don't let your shoulders drop forward as the weight takes over - if this happens drop the weight so you can work on the form :)

Bent over Row

Hold the Barbell with the palms facing down, slight bend in the knee as you bring your body forward. Keep the back straight spine neutral and core tight. The barbell should be hanging down parallel to your chest. Pull the bar up to your chest, elbows tucked in once again squeezing at the top before lowering.

Lower back - Erector Spinae, Lower Lats, Lower Traps


Who doesn't love a good deadlift ?! Now the key is to keep the back straight - a rounded back is bad form and will likely lead to injury. Also start light whilst you learn the technique as it doesn't matter how heavy you can lift if its incorrect.

Hold the bar in front of the body and slowly lower it down bending forward in a flat back. Pelvis pushes back as you lower and bend the knees. The bar gets to about shin height before you come back up bracing your core and standing tall. Shoulders back pelvis slightly forward.

This isn't an easy exercise so make sure to take your time to get the technique correct. If you have lower back issues don't do it! It will also be working your glutes and hamstrings so you've been warned ;)


I hope this has been helpful for you all - if you would like me to film certain exercises please let me know so I can get on that for you! Also are there any workouts or exercises you would like to see more of ? If so please leave me a comment or message me via social media - links below :)

Vicki xxx

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