No Bake Flapjack

Sometimes all we want is a nice slab of sweet goodness and now you can without all the added sugar and fat. Each one of the flapjacks is under 160 calories with only 5g of fat! (this will change when you add anything extra) It is the perfect on the go snack to satisfy your sweet cravings :)

Sweet treats are often seen as a no go when people are trying to lose weight or be more healthy and I'm here to prove that you can have your cake and eat it :)

Easy to make with ingredients that are available to everyone - This recipe is a base recipe and you can add extras or change flavour combos.

#vickimptrecipe so I can see what you create!

Happy Baking x

Makes 8 big slices or 16 mini bites

Macros 157 cals 5gF 15.8gC 10.3gP


150g rolled oats (Mornflake)

60g Protein Powder (I used Milk Chocolate Natural Whey)

55g Smooth Peanut Butter (Meridians)

50g Beloved Date Nectar or Clear Honey

40ml liquid (I used a mixture of 30ml sugar free salted caramel syrup and 10ml unsweetened almond milk)


*Add dry ingredients into a bowl

*Melt the Nut Butter and liquid sweetener so it is easier to stir in and then add that and the nectar to the bowl

*Give it all a stir adding the syrup/milk in a bit at a time to make sure everything is combinded

*Place in a baking tin and keep in the fridge to set.

Optional extras

Dried fruit (25g) Nuts and Seeds (20-30g) Chia seeds (15g) Cacoa powder (1 - 2 tblsps)

Vicki xx

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This post is not sponsered - recipe was created by me for all of you with ingriedients I chose myself.

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