Kicking the sweet stuff

Pretty much haha

I am a self confessed sweet addict, i have such a sweet tooth it's unbelievable. Whenever I crave anything it is always sweet and I can't go through the day without it. Now I'm not saying its all high sugar stuff in fact I rarely eat sweets, chocolate etc these days. No the main culprits for me are Sugar free Syrups and Oats or yogurt with protein/berries/date nectar, oh and occasionaly some dark chocolate. The trouble with me however is im an all or nothing kind of girl - if i open a bar of chocolate it all gets eaten, if I have a spoon of nut butter i go back for 3,4,5 ... , when I bake it eat about half the mixture haha I'm a grazer and all this grazing adds up. You know when people say they have a second stomach for dessert ?? I totally do ha I can be full and someone brings out something sweet and I'm hungry again its really bad.

This isn't me saying that eating sweet things are bad and you shouldn't have them, this is me voicing MY opinion on what I have to do for MY body. However if you are going for the sweet option aim for a healthier alternative most of the time if you can :)

So it is time to reign it in a bit and try to kick the habit so I no longer crave all the sweet things and don't need to rely on that sugar fix. Under the guidance of Sophia (Liftus Fitness) I am beginning my new challenge of having max 1 sweet meal a day and it can only be morning or post workout ... I started yesterday and its already hard :/ Now I am not cutting out any foods because I don't believe in that it is all about balance and moderation. Which is the end goal here anyway :)

I have written it here to keep me accountable, hopefully it will be successful and work especially with Christmas around the corner. I want to be able to feel like I can say no and not eat ALL the goodies haha.

The sweet treats have been locked away only to come out for baking or that one meal a day (I don't even know the code)

It's time to make my savoury meals bigger and full of wholesome simple foods to keep me fuller for longer. I'm also hoping these teas will help with any cravings ...

They say it takes 21 days to kick a habit


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