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I haven't really been very active on here about my actual PT job and exciting things that happen and are happening with it so I thought that has to change :) As you should all know by now I am a Personal Trainer at the Gym Group Manchester Portland Street nearly at the end of my first year there !! It is a great gym to work it - we have a strong PT teams and I love training my clients there. However it is a city centre gym with ALOT of members that pass through the pods everyday and sometimes it can be daunting place.

I have decided to change this up a bit ! Focusing on the female members I want as many of them as possible to feel confident, comfortable and have the right knowledge to use the gym effectively. With all the information out there it can sometimes be a bit of a mindfield as to where to start. And thats where I come in :)

(PC: Josh hawkins)

As of 30th November I will be sending out a weekly newsletter that you will recieve every monday full of information to creating a happier healthier you. And the best bit ... it's completely FREE!!! By signing up you will automatically be part of a little fitness community and be the first to know of any classes,potential bootcamps, sessions I might be running in the future.

Each week you will get

  • A recipe to try out - easy to make sweet or savoury :)

  • A workout to do - fun, challenging and suitable for everyone

  • Extra nugget of information - ranging from motivational tips to busting gym myths

HOWEVER you don't have to be a member of my gym to subscribe either as the content is for every woman out there who wants help on her fitness and health journey :) so spread the word and tell your friends!

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Vicki xx

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