On Thursday (12/11/15) I attended a fabulous supperclub hosted by the gorgeous Miss Hannah Mills aka @Wedgesandweights. A personal trainer who has built up her online community the #wedgettes by bringing women from all over the UK together with one goal - to get fit and healthy. The concept behind the supperclub was to show how we can get the right balance of the good stuff and the indulgence over the festive season.

Hosted at the Garden Hale we were treated to 3 courses of deliciousness alongside some top tips for keeping healthy ad enjoying Christmas thrown in by Hannah.

On arrival we were greeted with a glass of prosecco (my fave :) ) and I finally got to meet Hannah again after a long time (*info titbit - Hannahs mum used to be my old ballet teacher so I knew her slightly from there, small world ). Being the eager beavers we (SpamellaB, Katie and I) were one of the first to arrive so mananged to get in some cheeky snaps of the venue and set up before anyone else got there.

As more people arrived it was great to see some familar faces again as well as meeting the people behind the twitter handles. I love these kind of events as everyone has the same passions and its refreshing to hear their lives and journeys.

Enough mingling it was time for the food !!! And just look at the menu - scrumptious !

Starter: Buckwheat tabbouleh with pomegranate, topped with falafel and beetroot hummus, fresh lemon dressing (GF)

Great combination of flavours and the Beetroot hummus was so good!

Main: Chicken and Sweet Potato Thai yellow curry, served with cauliflower rice, spring greens and sauerkraut.

Bursting with spices to help kick that immune system

Dessert: Raw chocolate cheesecake topped with raspberries and drizzled in a homemade sauce (GF,DF)

OH MY GOD this was heaven on a board ! My favourite course and I wanted more (in fact I did have Pams left overs on the way home haha) Totally indulgent not at all for diets but I was loving it :) remember just because something is raw, vegan etc doesn't mean it isn't high in calories

After writing down our thoughts of the night it was time to leave wih our goodie bags and water bobble in hand. It was a night of great company, tasty food, fab venue and an all together awesome atmopshere. Thank you Hannah and the Garden was putting on the event ! It was great to see another blogging event happening here in Manchester and by the sounds of the feedback it won't be long until we see another one happening :)

Goodie bag :)

*vita coconut oil

*nakd christmas pud

*Bounce apple and cinnamon


*Swetty betty voucher

*Class pass for Barre Corre

*Pretty Athletic face moisturiser


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