Stay Motivated this Winter

Updated: Feb 18

The days are shorter, the mornings darker and it's got a lot colder .. Hello Winter!

When it comes to winter it can be a lot harder to get out of bed when that alarm goes off and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym and workout. It is also the time of comfort food and as Christmas approaches a lot of us seem to lose motivation to keep on the healthy lifestyle train. However it doesn't have to mean any drastic changes or undesirable decisions instead I want to share my top tips on how to stay motivated but also enjoy the season.

Pre pack that bag

The night before get your gym clothes laid out and bag pre packed, that way as soon as you get up it is there waiting for you. It also affirms the decisions in your mind. If you can try to get a workout done in the morning it gets it out of the way as well as setting you up for the day.

If this isn't an option then at least you have your stuff with you to do after work before you go home.

Also make sure you have layers! The last thing you want is to be cold as that doesn't make training fun so make sure you invest in some fitness wear that you can layer and keep you warm.

Buddy Up

Grab a workout buddy and arrange sessions, book into a class or a PT session etc. This way you have already committed to going so it's harder to be a no show. It is a lot easier to keep motivated and push through when you are training with someone else as they spur you on - and if you are like me you get very competitive. Just having someone else with you can help keep you accountable which helps with the motivation.

Schedule it in

In your diary you will have work time, coffee dates, meals out and Christmas parties so start adding exercise into that as well. Make it a social event or priority in your week, schedule it around your lifestyle so that everything all fits in. It's a lot harder to see it as an effort if it has already been planned in. The best way I do this is to sit down on a Sunday evening and plan my weeks worth of workouts against everything else I have planned, this will change week to week but it is nice to have that sense of routine.

Sign up for a fitness event or get that end of year fitness goal in the bag

What better way to keep you going than a goal that needs to be completed or an event you need to prep for. If you sign up for a Spring/Summer fitness event such as a 10k / Total Warrior you have to start your training programme to prepare for it. Perfect way to keep you active as well as creating another goal for you to work towards.

Keep Prepped

By preparing your meals in advance you don't have to worry about mindlessly snacking or worrying about cooking when you get in. There is nothing better than knowing that your food will be ready in next to no time :) Diet is regulated a bit more as you know exactly what you are going to eat. If you know what you are having and are in a bit more control 80% of the time then you have that 20% to play with for the Christmas parties, cheeky mince pie with your coffee and that advent chocolate.

I'm not saying don't enjoy the festive season - in fact the opposite ... Embrace it, have fun and enjoy but find the right balance between the festivities and normality :)

It's a lifestyle remember not a restriction

Love Vicki xxx

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