Feeling Upbeat

The lovely people at Upbeat were kind enough to send me a goody bag the other month with some vouchers to try out the drinks myself. So I thought I would write a little review for you guys :)

Each 250ml bottle contains:

* a great 20g Protein

*No more that 150 cals

*1/2 sugar of most fruit smoothies

*Low fat content

I have tried all 4 flavours , chocolate orange was my favourite ... obviously ha. They are a handy thing to grab on the go to give you that protein fix and keep you going until your next meal. Available in most supermarkets so really easy to pick up.

Great postworkout to get your sugars in too :)

And I couldn't just drink them oh no I had to give them a go baking wise to see if they could pass the test and they did :)

Using the Blueberry and Raspberry flavour I created some simple

Chocolate Berry Brownies

Makes 4

Macros: 108 cals / 9.8C/ 8.2P / 3.1F

65g cooked Butternut Squash

100g banana

15g Sukrin Almond Flour

20g Coconut flour

1 egg

10g Cocoa Powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

Handful frozen berries

165ml Upbeat (about 2/3rds off the bottle)

*Blend the cooked squash and banana together before adding in the upbeat

*Add all the other ingredients minus the berries and Blend/Whisk together.

*Pour into a lined baking dish then top with the berries slightly pressing them down into the batter

*Bake for 15/20 mins at 180 degrees

*Drink the rest of the bottle whilst you wait ;)

Best served warm with a dollop of greek yogurt and a tsp honey

Have a go and tag me #VickiMPTRecipe


Next time you are looking for a snackgive one of these a try :)

Keep your eyes peeled for more recipes using this little bottle ...

Vicki x

Twitter: @Upbeatdrinks

Website: feelingupbeat.com

Instagram: @feelingupbeat

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