I'm far from Perfect ...

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I wasn't sure if I was going to write this but as I always promise to be honest with you guys here goes ...

As you all know I prepped down for my photo shoot and was really happy with the results and the pictures. But then it was over and to be honest I felt pretty lost, I had worked so hard for it and then it was over. The reverse diet plan hasn't gone to plan with more snacking than I'm meant to and I'd say some over eating. I have been smashing my training but in the past week things just haven't been right. I've felt run down and rubbish both physically and mentally, diet has been completley off and it all came to a head last night when I had probably the biggest binge eat I have in a while. None of it was unhealthy food but it was ALOT of what is considered healthy but an over eat is an over eat and this was a big one. I haven't binged for a long time and I felt awful doing it and after.

For those of you who don't know I suffered (and still kind of do) from a eating disorder which spiralled into binging at times. Binge eating is an excessive need to eat and a person can keep going until they physically can't. It isn't the same as a slight indulgence where you have a full stomach and food baby - I wasn't even hungry but still kept eating. I am still in recovery and even though until last night I hadn't done it in along time as you can see it's still there.

I went to bed feeling horrendous and guilty as ever and woke up feeling the same. HOWEVER it doesn't do well to dwell so it is time to refocus and restart.

And this is how:

*Write down all I want to achieve this week

*Keep a food diary to stay on track

*Destress and keep calm

*Remember why I do what I do and keep that at the forefront of my mind

I've worked too hard to go back to the beginning but I also need to remember I am not superhuman and need to take things down a knotch. It's a lifestyle which I need to embrace and take my time with as well as not expecting perfect results all the time!

This isn't a post for sympathy it is a post to show you I have flaws and slip ups. Also if anyone else is feeling the same remember you are not alone and maybe its time to have a little refocus yourself :)


Vicki xxx

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