Hi-Pro Peanut Butter review and tasty treat

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

A new peanut butter has hit our shelves and the high protein market :) and it tastes good! High-Pro packs a punch at 33% protein per serving but not from whey or soy like many others, instead it uses whole peanuts and peanut flour. This means that it is vegan friendly too. Available in smooth and crunchy so it will satisfy everyone - i'm a crunchy fan myself how about you ?

I was chosen to take part in a project with 49 other Personal Trainers to try and create a unique and tasty recipe using the peanut butter. I was really surprised but honoured to be asked and being the big nut butter lover that I am I said yes. I mean a new peanut butter to try ... who could say no :)

First things first - the taste test

As soon as it arrived the lid was off and spoon was in ha, and it's a big thumbs up from me. Very creamy in texture in both and no grainy bits you tend to get from other high protein butters. Also there is no need to stir it so no sore arms. The taste is like any normal plain peanut butter with a simular consitency to whole earth just a little creamier. This could be due to the palm oil that it contains (a heads up to you all in case you don't have that in your diet). I personally like it but it isn't my favourite peanut butter however I would still recommend it for baking as it worked really well !

Baking times

It took a while to think of a recipe as I wanted the pb to be the main focus. The one thing I did know was that it had to be sweet ! As I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth :) so I decided to use 3 of my favourite flavours - peanut butter, chocolate and caramel because who doesn't like that combo?! To give it an extra taste kick I added cinnamon to the chocolate topping, it also fit in with the seasonal flavours. Due to the natural sugars, carb content and protein element I created this with the intent for it to be a post workout hit however if you want it as a snack/treat go for it :)

Alongside the Hi-Pro I used some personal baking favourites - Natural Whey Co whey, Sukrin almond flour, Jordans Sugar Free Syrup and Beloved Date Nectar

It does need time to set so i would advise that you make it the day before you want to share /eat it or in the morning for the evening.

Cinnamon and Pb Caramel Slice

Serves 6


35g rolled oats

30g Sukrin almond flour

40g Beloved date nectar (or liquid sweetener of choice)

15ml unsweetened almond milk


60g Dates

50g Hi-Pro smooth peanut butter

10g Sticky Toffee Natural whey protein powder (vanilla would also work)

50ml Jordans Caramel Pecan sf syrup (a plain caramel would work)

If you don’t have a sf syrup you could use almond milk and caramel flavouring just beware the macros will change)


20g dark chocolate (I used 70% Lidnt excellence)

20g Hi-Pro smooth peanut butter

1 large tbsp. cinnamon


1/Mix all the ingredients together – adding milk a little at a time to get a dough like consistency.

2/ Spread over a cling film lined tray/dish (this will make it easier to get out) Then place in the freezer to set for an hour or so


1/Blend the dates until a paste forms add water if needed to help the process

2/ Mix together with all the other middle ingredients until a smooth caramel sauce is created.

3/ Pour this over the base and return back to the freezer for another 1-2 hour


1/ Melt the dark chocolate and the peanut butter before mixing together. Add in the cinnamon. You want to be able to taste it so add more if desired.

2/ Pour this over the slice once the caramel has set as much as it can (it still might be a bit gooey that’s fine)

3/ Finally place back in the freezer to set. It can be left overnight.

Remove from tray cut into 6 slices and serve. It can be stored in the fridge for a day but if you want to keep it longer I recommend keeping in the freezer so it maintains its consistency :)

Macros per slice:

186 cals / 8.4g F / 17.3g C / 8.8g P

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Look out for another recipe coming soon using the crunchy PB - Pumpkin Nut Bites

For more info about the product check out their social media:

Twitter: @hipronutrition

Instagram: @hipronutrition

Facebook: Hi-Pro Nutrition

Pinterest: Hi-Pro

It will be in Sainsburys for £2.99 as of 12th November so go and check it out :)


*Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions on this blog are my own personal ones. I would never endorse a product I did not like/believe in. I was chosen for this project and if I hadn't wanted to take part I would have said no*

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