Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Last month (Fri 2nd Oct) I had the pleasure of attending a supperclub hosted by my good friend and fab foodie Pamela Higgins aka SpamellaB. It was an amazing success and I couldn't be more proud of her. The food was super tasty - all made with fresh, healthy ingredients and I can't wait to recreate the recipes.

I remember having afternoon tea with Pam when the subject of whether she should go freelance or not came up. Obviously I told her to go for it :) as it is her passion and we can expect great things from her. So when she messaged me about her plans to go for it post wedding and honeymoon I was over the moon for her and excited for what the future held.

And look - 2 weeks in and she has just hosted her very own supper club filmed by ALL4!!

I arrived early to offer any help that was needed and before I could give her a hug I had a mic put on me which was very odd. I also had a very croaky voice so sounded very manly but luckily none of that was aired. I helped to prep dessert, goodie bags and just be there for Pam as support in case she needed it. It was all very exciting to be apart of the before process - seeing how the filming was done and the food of course!

Guests started to arrive at 7pm and we all took our seats and eagerly awaited the first course. It was nice to catch up with people I knew as well as finally meeting the people behind the social media names I follow.

Starter - Chickpea, Feta and Quinoa Stuffed Pepper

Absolutey delicious ! Just the right portion size too so there was plenty of room for the next courses. I loved the way the feta and the herbs in the quinoa were a perfect pairing all encased in a juicy roasted pepper.

Main: Quorn chicken chipotle stew with sweet potato mash

This was the vegetarian option because I really don't like chorizo ( much to the digust of many of the foodies around me ha). The flavours were on point in this dish - not too much spice from the chipotle which was great because it is a tricky spice to use usally can make or break a dish. And it made this one! The sweet potato mash was devine and very creamy I dont know how she managed it ... All elements of the dish were great together - yes my sweet potato also ended up in the bowl .

Dessert: Deconstructed Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake

After the first 2 courses I was worried that I might not be able to manage dessert but who am I kidding there is always room for dessert ;) Especially one I had a cheeky hand in making . The main element of this dish was obviously the cheesecake bit however there was no cheese used in this creation at all ! Silken tofu is the star of the show blended with truvia, almond extract and some vanilla sugar free syrup making the perfect subsitute to cream cheese. Meaning its a vegan friendly dessert :)

With a tempting raw chocolate to finish off

I was lucky enough to sample some of these earlier on in the week when Pam bought me some to have with our coffee and they are fabulous. Made with Kaizen Living cacao powder, coconut oil, honey and extras they are super simple but super tasty.


Once the meal had ended we were asked to sum up the whole night in one word - this was really hard as there was so much that could be said. But I chose Scrumptious :) and added it to the other comments on the chalkboard. All of the birds had positive comments on so Pam can look back and be proud of what she accomplished.

The night was an amazing sucess and everyone I spoke to couldn't stop singing her praises. I know that she was feeling a mix of emotions throughout the lead up and the night itself but it all went well (even with a couple of mishaps earlier on in the day ;) ) Everyone left full and content with a fab little goodie bag.

It was definitely an evening of indulgence but in a healthy way and it was a great atmosphere to be apart of. Click here to check out the video for yourself - it's only 5 minutes long so perfect to watch on a break.

All recipes for these dishes are on Pams blog so head on over to check them out and don't forget to tag her and use her hashtag #Indulginginnocently

I am so proud of you Pam :) Congratulations on this achievement and heres to many many more xxxx


It was great to see these lovely pair who had travelled the furthest to support Pam. I have connected woth these over social media and met them last year at Bodypower. I love the way soical media connects like minded people and the support we all give each other. I recommend checking out Beki and Vians Instagram as well as their combinded blog for some more tasty treats and healthy recipes.

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