Build your own HIIT workout

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

How to create your own workout for gym or at home in 5 simple steps :)

PC: Josh Hawkins

Step 1: Pick the focus

Choose what you want to achieve from the workout - will it be a Full-body workout or target just the upper/lower sections ? More core focused or a specific muscle work?

Step 2: Choose the exercises

Pick 3-5 bodyweight (or light free weights if you want) movements that you can perform in a circuit

Step 3: Cardio it up

Pick 1-2 explosive cardio moves to get your heartrate up and metabolism burning

Step 4: How long

Decide how many reps of each exercise you are going to do or how long for e,g 10 reps/ 30 secs. The how long you want to do it for - will it be to time e.g as many rounds in 20 mins OR a specfic amount of rounds e.g 5 times through. Make sure you factor in rest if you need it :)

Step 5: Go for it

Give it all you've got 100% until the end ! Making sure to fully warm up before hand and stretch after

Heres one you can have a go at:

10 rounds

Squats x 10

Jump Squats x10

Press Ups x10

Burpees x 10

Tricep Dips x 10

Leg raises x 10

Enjoy :) xx

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