It takes time

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Sometimes you need to take a moment to look back on how far you have come. I have been on my fitness journey for about 4-5 years but only really started to properly focus on it within the past year. I think embarking on a career within the industry helped with this alot as my knowledge became more advanced and is still developing.

These photos show my physical development from January to now and the main 2 words that are key to this change are TIME and DEDICATION !! If you want to see change you have to stick to something and be consistent with it. But remember it does take time - we don't see results straight away. Also everyone is different in shape and size therefore body compisition changes will occur at differung rates. Don't compare your results with anyone elses because they aren't you and neither is your body.

There is no quick fix especially when embarking on a lifestyle change, you just keep going giving every workout 100% and supporting it through a good healthy diet. If you slip upor have an off day you pick yourself up and carry on. It will be a challenge but it is possible as I have proven :) If you want something bad enough you will work hard for it !

Having said all that do be aware of your body plateauing - this is when you have reached a certain level nd are seeing no improvement. When this happens make a change somewhere in either your training or your diet to reboot. Only a slight change in the routine though not a complete shift away as that defeats the object.

Focus on the end goal, exercise, eat well and look after yourself and you will get there :)

AND most importantly ...

BE HAPPY and PROUD every step of the way :)


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