And thats a wrap ... Final weeks and photoshoot

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I can't believe that 14 weeks have been and gone and I've actually completed by challenge and photoshoot! there has been ups and downs but it seemed all worth it! I want to do more now haha.

Before I go into details about the actual shoot here's a round up of the final 2 weeks.

(friday morning before the shoot on saturday)


Very simple very samey but at this point I wasn't expecting anything less. Low carb days hit me hard especially on the final week I did struggle and I felt like throwing in the towel but then what would have been the point. Anyone that says prep is easy is lying to you because it's not you need to be willing to eat the same thing day in and day out, stick to it and know you will be hungry.

Soph making more bearable with post workout pancakes <3

I found in the last month was the only time in the whole process where I have felt on a diet and I hated it but that comes with the challenge so I accepted it. Not willingly but I did ha.

Pre shoot refeed


Had a couple of sessions with Sophia where she killed me each time haha but I loved it. I also liked how I have been hitting pbs and getting stronger even on lower calories and I think it shows in my progress. I'm finally seeing baby biceps and back gains which I definitely didn't have when I started. The intensity of the workouts increased to really hit the muscles in the final stages - for legs there were no quad dominant exercises put in due to the fact I am very quad dominant - I blame spin . Instead the hamstrings and the glutes were targeting 2/3 times in the week. Lots of DOMs occurred.

Week 1 - Week 14


Tired, hungry, emotional, proud, happy were just a few of the emotions I went through daily a These last weeks were tough especially alongside work as the hours were long but not many meals. But the results were worth it, I am a lot more confident in my body - I actually look in the mirror and like what I see. I even wore just a crop in the gym the other day ! That has never happened. I really hope that people look at my journey and can see that it is possible to do and if it inspires just one person I will be happy. I think having this goal and challenge has really made me see how much my body can do and my mind if I push myself. Therefore I am excited for more challenges and goals to see how far I can go! It gives a sense of empowerment and now I have been on this process I can guide my clients to do simular things on their own journeys.

Beginning of the challenge - shoot day

It is amazing to look back and see how far you have come because until I saw these pictures I didn't think I had progressed that much but the pictures say a different story !

The shoot

I was lucky to have my very talented friend Josh to be my photographer for the shoot and the use of a gym in my hometown (Phoneix fitness). All tanned up and ready to go at 9am I was nervous and didnt really know what to expect however it went amazingly. I loved it !!! I can't wait to do more and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later :) With us both being new to the fitness shoot world it took a while to get into the swing of things but as we are such good friends it just happened naturally. I can't thank Josh ebough and can't wait to see the final pictures :) Please go and check him out by clicking the link (JoshHawkinsPhotography) as he is a super talented photographer, as well as a freelance dance artist.


I am now looking forward to my next plan of maintaining what I have achieved over Xmas by safely reverse dieting to get my calories back up, speed up my metabolism and upping the intensity in my workouts. The aim is to lift more to eat more and make some gains

But first ... Dark chocolate + peanut butter = Heaven


Thank you for following me on this journey and I hope it has proved insightful to you and offered something you can take away from it. It was a way for me to keep accountable as well as to show you it in all its glory the good and the bad. I highly recommend Ash and Sophia (LiftusFitness) if you are looking for help in changing your diet as it is a lifestyle not a quick fix. They work with you and are 100% there for support on all diet aspects and how to incorperate these into your life.

Also if anyone has any questions about this or fitness in general please don't hesitate to message me :)


Vicki xxx

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