Girls only! MyProtein Blogger event

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I am constantly seeing and hearing about fab fitness and blogger events happening in London over social media and being a little bit jealous. So when I was invited along to a Women's only event here in Manchester hosted by My Protein I jumped at the chance :)

I was lucky enough to be sent some of their leggings to wear for it and I fell in love ! They are so comfy to wear and fit really well. I have some other items of clothing from their range and I am very impressed with the quality and also the price. It can be hard to find decent looking fitness apparel that doesn't break the bank and my protein have managed to do just that. I am very excited to know that they intend to develop and expand their range so watch this space !

The event kicked off with a meet and greet with everyone over a protein shake before we were put through our paces in a HIIT session lead by MyProtein Ambassador Vicky Spence. It was definitely intense and my poor DOMs were not happy with me ha.

Afterwards we all refulled with MyProtein treats and cakes created by the baking guru Heebs aka @Burtonbakes. I may have has a sneeky sample of some bits and a spoon of pb ... all under the supervision of my coach of course :)

(P.C. Katie @katiefranko)


A Q&A with Vicky came next where we found out about bikini prep, her background and her thoughts all things fitness. This then spurred on a big group discussion where opinions, views and issues were shared. It was open, honest and raw and I loved it ! It was great to be surrounded by so many like minded people and hear everyone's thoughts on all things fitness, health and social media. There was a sense of empowerment and support in the room that was really positive to see and I felt we all connected.

(P.C. Sophia - @LiftusFitness)

The day ended with lots of picture taking, networking and swapping of social media handles before we all said goodbye and left with our goodie bags :). A massive thank you to Sarah and the rest of the team for organising the event. Big shoutout to you all!

It was a fabulous, fun event and I can't wait for more of them to come. I loved meeting everyone, it's great to be a part of a blogger and fitness community! One of the main things I took away from the event was the idea of falling in love with yourself. It is not just about how much you can lift, how fast you can run, if you have abs or a certain body fat % ... it's about how much you care and fall in love with all aspects of YOU! It is impossible to work on a healthy body if you do not have the healthy mindset first. Don't become a victim of self sabotage always look for the positives and embrace you for who you are !


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