Lululemon store opening

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The beauty that is lululemon activewear has FINALLY graced Manchester with it's presence ! I have always admired their clothing range and now I can pop in and browse to my hearts content - espcially as its only about 2 minutes away from my flat ... Great for the soul maybe not so great for my bank balance haha.

To celebrate it's arrival I headed to the opening event yesterday evening where it all kicked off with an outdoor circuits class run by Ollie. A high intensity 40 minute blast where we were put through our paces with boxing work, burpees, high knees, step jumps, running - you name it we probably did it ! It was definitely a workout especially if like me you had just finished a killer glutes, inner thigh and calve workout an hour previous (cheers for that Soph ;) ) It's safe to say we were all ready for our refuel food after!

What a spread of healthy goodness they had laid out for us!! There was selection of wraps, chicken skewers and protein pots created by Wahu restuarant, Smoothies and juices by Wholesome and Raw and refreshing infused water drinks by JustBeeDrinks. It all looked amazing and judging by everyones comments it was really tasty. Now being on prep I couldnt sample everything as much as I would have jumped at the chance to try the halluomi wrap ! Instead I had a couple of the chicken skewers because protein ;) and a water which were both lovely and as soon as prep is done I will be over to Spinningfields to sample more of these foodie delights.

Then came the best bit - getting to look at all the products ! The store is laid out so you can see everything with a selection of leggings, shorts, sports bras, tops and jackets as well as acessories for yoga and running. And it is not just for women there are items available for men as well. I fell in love with pretty much everything and couldn't walk away with not buying anything.

I'm not really a shorts person when it comes to gymwear however I fell in love with these! And as I have my shoot coming up it seemed like the perfect time to embrace the fact I am now proud of my legs and show them off :) :)

And look at the cute bag too.

They will be running FREE yoga classes on a Saturday morning 10-11 from the store which is great for all you fitness lovers and yogis out there.

A great assest to Manchester and the activewear scene - if you are in Manchester make sure you check it out, it's situated in St Anns square next to Russel and Bromley. I will be a frequent visitor thats for sure !


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