Journey to shoot - Week 11-12

First things first ... I HAVE A SHOOT BOOKED :) :) My friend Josh has offered to do it for me which is fab and I can't wait. However now I have 2 weeks to absolutely smash it in diet and training to get to where I want to be !


Very simular set up to the last 2 weeks and in week 12 more carbs were added post workout as I began to lift heavier. It gave me more energy and helped to feed the muscles I'm trying to grow. When dieting many people jump to cutting out carbs ... please don't fall into this trap we need carbs for energy !! I'm dieting yet as you can see I eat carbs :) I took 3 days off plan due to illness to give my body time to recouperate and fight the illness - I still stuck to eating well just listened more to what my body was asking for rather than what I was telling it to eat.


In true Vicki style I began to get ill ... again at the beginning of week 11 and to be honest I'm only just recovering so training hasn't been 100%. Having said that when I have trained I've got PBs and had really good weight sessions - the cardio just hasn't really been there. Monday of week 12 I FINALLY met up with Ash and Sophia and had a great glutes and tricep session (Me and Soph that is - Ash trained Back) It was a great motivation and I love training with other people as I always work harder. The rest of the week was good I've been tired but pushing on through because when you have a goal you need to put in the work. Practicing what I preach.


If I was my client I would probably want to trottle me haha as I am always finding something that isn't right with me. However Soph is still speaking to me ha (for how long we shall see ;) ) She's been an absolute rock always helping me to find the positive when I have moments of slef doubt. I'm not going to lie I am struggling with body image at the moment. I have found these final weeks of prep hard and feel fluffy and not where I want to be. But then on the flipside, I'll find myself looking in the mirror and loving what I see. Clothes fit better, I am getting lots of compliments yet I still find flaws ... yes I know I am looking good especially in outfits I wouldn't have worn a few months ago. But in all honestly I know what my problem is - I've become slightly obsessive with numbers and mine haven't moved and even though I know this is fine there is a little part of me that can't get past it. I also HATE looking at my stomach and hip area as alll I see is poouch and love handles - thats where my body fat stays booooo.

(week 1/ week 12)

BUT new week new goals and 2 weeks to SMASH IT !!

I just want to take this time to thank you all for reading my blog rambles, commenting on social media with supportive messages and following me on this journey. It means alot and really does help me so THANK YOU <3 xxxxxxx

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