Journey to shoot - Weeks 9&10

Here we are nearing the end of this journey and its not been smooth but I've got this far which I am happy with. However sometimes things don't always go the way we plan do they ...

But before I go into all that its review time!


Two words - Bro food ha there was a lot of chicken (don't worry it wasn't just chicken ... there was brocolli too 😉)

Ash was the mastermind behind these two weeks as we started to get on to real prep - it was hard at first but then it's prep and its not meant to be normal so I went with it.

I still had oats so all was good there.

Yes it was odd night snacking on chicken and veg instead of sweet treats but hey ho thats life.

Upcoming final run will see me saying goodbye to sauces and premade seasonings (Mayo and nandos ah)


PBs happening all over the place and I'm loving it ! Feeling stronger even if I don't look it. Still not a fan of ab work though as I get sooooo bored with it woops 🙊

Also yoga got put on hold due to timing which isnt the best but hoping to restart it again.

These next 4 weeks are all about getting tighter and the definition showing !


Body image and confidence hasn't been amazing, if you read my earlier post you will know why if not check it out here. I think one of the main reasons is I am not really sure what I want the end result to be or even if I can achieve it which isn't the best really. Getting ill again hasn't helped either as all I want is comfort food and duvet days ha.

Now I'm sure you are wanting to know what the unexpected turn in the road is ... well its not so much a turn more like a blockage.

Basically long story short the original shoot is not happening through no ones fault or control.

This was another factor in my lack of motivation because I felt disheartened as I had progressed so far, as well as how hard it has been. However with the help of Sophia and Elliot I begun to turn this feeling around and focus on the positives to see how far I had come.

I still want there to be a shoot and I am currently in the process of trying to get this sorted as I don't want all the hardwork to go to waste. And I also want to have some pictures as I have kind of built myself for them :) so watch this space as I will let you all know what the new plan is.

As for now I am going to devour my refeed meal after a long but great weekend learning Sports Massage Therapy !!

Vicki xx

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