Journey to shoot - Week 7&8

(18/07/15 - 12/09/15)

So here we are at the end of 8 weeks and I was expecting to have more of a transformation than I have and I have no one to blame but myself :( Now don't get me wrong I am happy with how I look and the journey I have come on so far has been really positive. I am the lightest and most confident I have been in a long day and no one can take that away from me. Nor am I saying that how I look now is bad - not at all. What my issue is, is that I should be further into shoot mode i.e leaner than I am as that is what I am prepping for and that is the goal. That is why I am not happy and that is the reason for a short angry ramble that will be this blog post ... (sorry)

Basically I'm really annoyed at myself. Considering the high I was at the end of week 6 and start of week 7 things went down hill pretty quickly.

My diet hasn't been on point and that is the main issue here - if I had followed the macros that Ash and Sophia had set me then there would be a different result I am sure of it. The main reason for the slip up was the fact I was ill over the weekend - I think I had pushed my body a bit too far and needed the rest and recovery. Due to feeling awful I was craving sweet stuff and rather than just making a bowl of something fit into my macros I had a bit of binge - all healthy stuff as well. But no matter what the food is an over eat is an over eat. And yes I know one bad day wont have ruined it and I'm not saying that however it kind of set me on a path it has taken all week to get out of.

I have been snacking more than usual - extra spoons of pb, nuts here and there and a fair few tastes of baking creations for my boyfriend. Not the end of the world just not on my plan.

All in all it has resulted in me feeling a bit meh and unmotivated. HOWEVER that is enough of a pity party !!!

Today shit gets serious ! I have begun my comp prep bro food meal plan to get me to my goal at the end of these 6 weeks - It is going to be tough - there is a lot of chicken haha but if it was easy everyone would do it !

I've voluntarily taken nut butter off the menu as that is a trigger food for me and I don't want it there. Cupboards have been sorted out to have only plan food in and I wont be baking until prep is over. These are the things I need to do to help myself as it seems my will power has taken a walk somewhere and I would like it to return. Watch this space guys Vicki means business !!


Now to finish on a positive after that little rant🙈

My diet might not have been amazing but my training sessions have been as I got a PB on my Chest Press and my Deadlift 1RM !!! :) :) I have also been told my arms are getting bigger which makes me happy :)

I could have lied to you and said all was going well and its really easy bla bla bla but the whole point is to document my journey. And I am struggling but hopefully with my new mindset, revived motivation and the constant support of both Sophia and Ash it will be more managable

Vicki xxx

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