Every workout needs these ...

As working out and training plays a massive part in my day to day life I thought I would share with you my go to fitness essentials 💪 see if you can spot the theme ...

What I wear

The funkier the better is my mantra esspecially when it comes to leggings. I LOVE printed, patterned and bright tight fitting leggings to workout in.

Yes activewear should be practical but I also think it should look good because it makes you feel more confident - well I do anyway 😊

My current favourite brands are Frontline Apparel, MyProtein and Nike as they fit really well - no falling down when squatting or jumping wooop and are very flattering.

I prefer to train in vests rather than t-shirts as I find t-shirts really annoying and I have been known to cut up a fair few haha. These tend to be a bit plainer in detail to match and compliment my leggings 🙊 cos I'm cool like that.

What are on my feet

A decent pair of trainers are vital when exercising and if you can try to get them in accordance with the training style so lifting/running/sport etc as they will be made to help with the exercise.

My training shoes at the moment are Inov8s (I got mine from sportsshoes.com)

These are barefoot sole trainers making them very easy to wear and moveable. They are great to ground yourself in each exercise especially on the strong lifts. Not just lifting shoes though I can do any HIIT or Plyo workout just as well in them so winning on both😊😊

My running outdoor shoes are my karrimor trainers that are great. Nice and bright so you can't miss me and clash nicely with my neon Nikes haha. What I like about these is a/ they are decently priced and b/ have a cushioned sole perfect for impact.

Defintley do your research when trainer shoppping to find the best style and make for you and what you want to use them for. A good pair of trainers could help prevent injury or bad form.

What I accessorise with

One of my favorite finds of the year is my Flipbelt, a perfect place to store your valuables as you workout without them getting sweaty or damaged. No more shoving your phone in your sports bra or bulky straps or zips digging in to you. All you do is slide stuff into the pouch and off you go ! I've used it whilst running, jumping, sprinting etc and it has passed every test. I would truly recommend getting yourself one of these and they come in funky colours too!

You will always see me with my Natural Whey shaker filled with my BCAA of choice at the moment its MusclePharm watermelon flavour. But I am also partial to Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Blue Raspberry.

What I track with

The final part of my ensemeble is my Fitbit Charge HR. This little gadget is great not only for my workouts but my day to day life.

It's not 100% accurate but it is good to see how many calories and what my heartrate reaches whilst working out. From these readings I can work out where I need to improve and work harder on.

The step tracking is a really good way of keeping active as you have to hit a certain goal and if you are competitive like me you have to hit it, even if that means walking around your living room a fair few times ha. I like tracking my sleep as I have seen that I wasn't getting enough at all so now I make sure I try to hit 7-8hrs a night to get the right amount of rest needed for my body.

What I listen to

I don't have a specific workout playlist I tend to choose on the day around how I am feeling. Spotify is great for that as I scroll through find one I fancy and go for it ! Music is needed for me to get focused and stay in the zone. It also helps to stop people talking to you because that is my biggest gym pet hate - DO NOT talk to me whilst I'm training, if you have to ask something please just wait for me to finish a set.

So there you have it - did you get the theme ?


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