Are you working out effectively?

When you go to workout either at the gym/outside or at home do you have an idea of what you are going to do ? Or is it more of a throwing things in as and when you please.

Do you find yourself wandering around the gym looking at the machienes ?

The key thing when working out is FOCUS ! As soon as you have the focus down the rest will follow alot easier. Without it, it is alot harder to get 100% in your results as you aren't giving 100% in.

Here are few things that will help you get more out of your workout:

1/ Plan

Have a plan of action about what you are going to exercise whether thats a particular body area / muscle group / attend a class etc. It doesn't have to be physically written down but if you know what exercises you will do your workout will be quicker and specific.

If you do not feel confident to create this yourself ask someone to help whether that is a personal trainer at your gym or an online coach to give you something made for you.

2/ Mind muscle connection

It is essential when performing an exercise that you think about the muscle you are about to use in order to use it to its full potential. This is more so when lifting weights as you want to make sure you take the muscle to the top of its range of motion and contraction. Before you begin the rep think about what muscle you are wanting to contract and focus on this as you perform it.

3/Change it up

Don't do the same routine, same exercises everytime you workout as they will very quickly become ineffective for 2 reasons. One your body will quickly reach a plateau Two you are not giving your muscles enough time to rest and recover in between workouts. Also for your sanity you will get bored so easily doing the same thing again and agin resulting in giving up alot easier.

4/ Push yourself

If you finish your workout feeling/looking exactly the same as when you started is it likely that it has been very effective ? This doesn't mean you have to be a sweaty mess at the end or having really sore muscles. It means you need to feel like you have worked out to your full potential. You will only get better when you know how far you can go :)

5/Do what you enjoy

Find a way to make it fun so that you will enjoy it. Get a buddy to workout with, go to classes to supliment your training, attend a bootcamp, get outside ... the possibilties are endless :)

Just make it enjoyable for you and it will be much more effecive physically and mentally.

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