Journey to shoot: Weeks 5&6 Review

These past 2 weeks have been interesting to say the least ... a fair few moments of doubt and feeling meh, but overall its been ok. And after taking my measurements its safe to say its working as the numbers are going down :)

(Progress pictures taken 29/08)


Well and truly out of my comfort zone with the diet plan this time as it was ALL about the fats! However this meant I could have peanut butter 😁 wooooop ... just had to be careful not to keep spooning 🙊 I mean just look at that dollop :) actual heaven !!!

I was given my macros like usual but I struggled at the start to plan so Sophia kindly drew me up a more detailed plan with recipes. This was a major help and even though I might not have followed them to the letter it provided a guideline for me.

As week 6 began I was visiting my parents for a couple of days so it crucial to stay on track as much as I possibly could. As I couldnt meal prep my fitness pal and I became best friends as I tracked everything to stick to my macros. And I'm happy to say this was achieved 😊

Wednesday was refeed day which meant CARBS 👏 👏 when following a high fat lower carb diet it is vital to give your body a refeed of carbohydrates to replenish your leptin levels to continue the fat loss journey. If this doesn't happen you are likely to go into starvation mode and your metabolism slow down.

Overall I am liking this way of eating but I will prefer it when I'm not tracking ha. I seem to work better with fats and protein over carbs I think - unless it's leg day ... Leg day needs plenty of carbs 🙈

*please note I have not cut out carbs from my diet just lowered the intake and replaced them with fats. You should never completley remove a food group and if you lower either your carb or fats intake you need to increase the other for energy and fuel.*


It seemed to be a good 2 weeks for lower body personal bests as I hit 70kg in my back squats for 6 reps - the last 2 were a bit shaky but I was happy. Then the laying leg press I got 3 reps pushing 150kg ! Which I was really shocked at.

It was all about the pause this week which is basically hell in a rep ha as you definitley feel that burn 😏

My hamstring tendon injury has been causing me issues these past couple of weeks which isn't the best so plenty of foam rolling and stretching has been taking place. I am finding DOMS a lot worse at the moment and lots of tightness - A sports massage is due asap thats for sure to iron out all these knots and stiffness.

My training is going well I feel I am getting stronger but I would like to start seeing some more definition in certain areas. Therefore going ahead I am really going to focus on getting the mind muscle connection and hitting the specfic muscles.


Lots of bloating and water retention occured as a result of my body adapting to the change in my diet. Now even though I knew the reason why this didn't stop me having bad body issues and feeling a bit like a beached whale. However I had my moan pulled by socks up and got on with life. More often than not these feelings are all in our head and we just need to look past it - I mean no one walks around with ripped abs and flexed muscles 24/7, eat some food and drink some water and they go.

I also decided to cut down on chewing gum as I had a feeling this was also contributing to the fact.

Tiredness hit hard on week 6 - whether it had any connection to the change in diet or just me needing a rest and recouperate I can't say. However it being my week off work I have tried to rest ... not too sure if i have done it very well ha but at least I tried.

Despite the tiredness, bloating and a couple of off days I am actually feeling really good. I'm feeling confident and happy within myself which I haven't done for ages. If I was prepping for a shoot I would be quite content at where I am now and I think I have found my happy medium. Basically this is the body shape that I would be happy to sit at if I had relaxed my diet a bit etc. I can't thank Ash and Sophia enough for all their help and patience to get me this far.

Also thank you to my boyfriend Elliot for helping (and dealing with) me whilst I'm doing this ha, as well as my family for understanding food wise when I went home, friends for listening to me complain and congratulating me on progress. Couldn't do it without you guys (Soppy bit over now 😉 )

However I'm not done yet ! There is still body fat to lose and muscle to build to get me shoot ready and post shoot I would like to regain some of that so my day to day shape will be a little leaner than this. I want to see those muscles 💪💪

September is a new month and with the shoot happening at the end of October there isn't long to go so it's time to give it all I've got !!!

8 weeks to go - Let's do this :)


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