Journey to shoot - Weeks 3&4 Review

Another 2 weeks has passed so it's time for another review :)

I thought rather than breaking it down into the weeks (as it will start to get repetitive ) I will do a Food, Training and Reflections breakdown :) Starting off with the most important obviously ...


Rather than getting a specified meal plan like I got for weeks 1&2 these past 2 weeks I have been working with my set macros and creating my own meals. I was worried at first because let's face it its a lot easier when someone else tells you what to eat haha. However it has actually been quite nice to get creative in the kitchen and cooking for myself again.

The hardest part is on Sunday's working out all the meals for the week but once that is done the meal prep is easy – as you can I kind of have it down …

It has also allowed me to be a bit more flexible with my social life like going out for dinner and baking for people as I can work it into my macros. This journey isn't just to get me ready for a shoot it is also a learning process to see what works for body and how to fuel it correctly. I don't want to be on a food plan all my life so hopefully with enough practice I can get to a healthy happy medium :)

My macros have been created for my body composition, goals etc so I will not be sharing them because it is a personal thing and won't be beneficial to others.


I am loving training what can I say it's my passion :) the fasted cardio has been tough to motivate myself for at times but I do it because I have a goal. And I always go all out when I do it as it becomes a form of release from my hectic lifestyle

Feeling stronger, hitting PBs it's pretty good :) I have also started training with a fellow PT and friend at my gym as its great to have a training buddy. It's all very well and good to train alone but I have found I push myself a lot more with another person there. One because they motivate you to go on and two I'm pretty competitive so don't like to show weakness haha. It also helps to get form checked and corrected if need be - which it has on a variety of occasions (woops).

The combination of weighted split training, HIIT and fasted cardio is really working for me and keeps me on my toes with variety. Hot yoga and stretching is still going alongside to supplement it. These last 2 are vital for my body to keep it all in order and balanced. There is nothing worse than an over trained, tired and aching body so please make stretching a part of your workout you wont regret it ! Having said that a sports massage would go down a treat round about now ;)


As you can see there are some slight changes in my body ( it would probably help if I could take better pictures but when I get up before the sun and use a crappy phone this is all I can work with). To be honest I don't feel like there is a lot of progress happening but it's the way I am feeling that is pushing me forward. I feel slimmer, healthier and happier especially when people are making comments about how well I'm doing.

I have had a couple of negative body confidence days especially this weekend as it seems the delightful mother nature has given me a gift early. However this would explain some of the issues I have been having - I do also think it could be an effect of the dieting my body is going through changing up the hormonal balance. Got a bit in depth and personal there guys sorry.

I am however at the lowest weight I have been since university and my body fat percentage is at a number I can deal with 24%. I am hoping for this to get down to 20% at least !

Going into the next phase I am definitely wanting to intensify my training as well as clean up my diet a bit more however I still want to make time for family and friends and social events so balance is key – it is all about making it work and going with it. I know that what I am aiming for will not be attainable for a long term therefore I don't want to peak too soon but under the watchful eye of Ash and Sophia I have complete faith in the process.

Here is to another 2 weeks let's see what happens !!

Thanks Vicki


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