Product Review - Tiger Nut Cashew Butter

Anyone who knows me will know how much I LOVE nut butter so when Funky Nut Company were asking for taste testers for their new product I couldnt resist !

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And I’m so happy I did because this nut butter is amazing!! Tiger nut and cashew butter <3 an absolute genius combination. It was definitely love at first taste and after a good spooning I had to put it away before the whole tub disappeared (which wouldn’t have been hard as the macros are great too!)

For those of you who don’t know Funky Nut Co (shock horror) they are a small company of two – Julian and Ken based in Liverpool. Give them a cheeky follow on instagram and twitter.

All the nut butters are made with natural ingredients and use no nasties or palm oil in their creations. The peanut butter range is the only one that has flavours but that doesn’t make the other nut butters any less tasty – both smooth and crunchy.

As a crunchy nut butter lover I was happy to see that the tiger nut and cashew still had nut bits in :) The only ingredients in this bad boy are tiger nuts, cashews and sea salt making it lactose & gluten free! As well as suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

I wasn’t expecting the hint of sweetness but it was perfect alongside the salty notes all brought together in a rich creamy consistency.

And macro wise for a 16g serving there is only 6.9gF 3.7gC and 2.1gP at 87 cals ! Making it a great addition to any savoury or sweet dish.

After spooning it the next thing I decided to try was it on my dinner so I turned this very plain chicken, fish and veg into a much tastier meal :)I know for a fact when I get more I will be making more use of it in savoury dishes such as coated chicken, savoury muffins and even in an omelette so watch this space …


However it was pretty obvious that I would create a sweet treat or 2 with it as lets face it that’s what I love ;) I remembered how much I loved Nics Nutritions protein fudge so I thought I would have a go at my own. Taking into consideration the slight salty taste of the nut butter I decided to recreate one of my favourite flavour combinations Salted caramel and chocolate !

Really simple to make and takes about 5 mins to make and 30 to set so not long at all.

The recipe makes 12 bitesize pieces – an ice cube tray is the perfect mould for these.

Dark chocolate salted fudge bites

For the fudge :

35g vanilla whey

20g coconut oil melted

50g nut butter

15ml toffee syrup

For the chocolate coating:

20g cacao mass

1-2 tsp agave syrup

Pinch Himalayan pink salt

Mix all ingredients together add more liquid if it's too powdery

Melt the chocolate and mix in the other ingredients to taste (salted caramel)

Pour the chocolate mix into the bottom of each ice cube section. Then place the fudge into each one pressing it down so the chocolate comes up the side to cover. Then pour the remaining chocolate over the tops.

Place in the freezer to set - a hour max. Eat straight away or keep in the freezer until you want to eat them.

Macros - 60 cals 1.6gC 2.8gP 4.5gF

The other creation was some little power balls of tasty goodness. Only 5 ingredients and ready in minutes!

Vanilla nut power balls

Makes 6

35g Raisins

25g Nut butter

10g Chia seeds

30g Vanilla whey

Vanilla skinny syrup

Blend the raisins to form a sticky paste. Then add whey, nut butter and a dash of syrup and blend again so they bind together. Add a dash more liquid if needed. Then mix in the chia seeds to create a little crunch.

Roll into 6 balls and place in fridge to set. You could roll them in desiccated coconut or cocoa powder if you wanted

Macros - 65 cals 5.3gC 4.3gP 2.5gF

Vanilla whey and coconut oil from Natural Whey Company. Toffee skinny syrup from TRKG. 100% Cacao mass from Musclefood and Agave syrup by Sweet Freedom

For both these recipes I used Natural Whey Company Vanilla protein which you can get here and use my code VMNWC to save yourself 5%.

Give both of these a go and tag me in your creations either over twitter or instagram :) Can't wait to see them !! They got the seal of approval from the boyfriend too :)

I would highly recommend getting your hands on this nut butter as well as any others the company creates. I personally can’t wait to try all of them especially the honey and sea salt peanut butter.

Vicki x

Even though the sample was complimentary all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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