Journey to fitness shoot - 2 week reflection

As I promised to keep you all updated on my journey to fitness shoot here is how it's all gone so far :)

Week 1

Excited to start the journey - new challenges and all that :). To be honest there wasn't really any problems with this week as it was the first one so no need for dramatic changes. My meals just became more structured and once again I began that love hate relationship with my fitness pal making sure I was hitting my macros. My meals were all set out by Sophia and Ash but there had to be slight tweeks but get the right macros in each meal. But I never felt like I was being restricted or on a diet as such so that was good. And to be honest I work so much better with a plan so it was perfect for me.

Training wise all fine - I don't really struggle with that too much as I love that side - sometimes getting up a little earlier for the fasted cardio was a struggle but you just get on with it.

I also rediscovered my love for hot yoga this week so I am now incorporating that into my training

As you can see the food isn't bad at all :) :)

and these weren't all the options either ;)

Week 2

With my measurements going the right way it was decided the macros were to stay the same which made life easier as I just repeated food choices pretty much so no hassle there. I was worried about the weekend as I at home writing this and we all know how easy and nice home comforts are. However I prepped my meals brought my staples with me to make sure I stayed on track. The rest of the time I have been making healthy choices that keep me hitting my macros and I'm happy to say it's been a success!!!


Now I had to burn a certain amount of calories in my cardio part of training which was a new one for me but quite fun to see, also made me realise sometimes I don't push myself as much as could.

End of week 2 and reflections:

Week one was a breeze and went pretty smoothly. Week 2 however I had a few moments of self doubt and feeling like it wasn't working - being bloated for 80% of the time didn't help with this. However when the results were in a pictures taken I was pleasantly surprised !! Recovering some positive comments from collegues and friends also boosted my body confidence loads spurring me on to keep going :)

(18/07/15 - 30/07/15)

Ash and Sophia have been great they are always there (even though they are travelling) to answer any of my concerns, offer help as well as to give praise when needed and a motivational kick up the ass as well ! Probably their most annoying client to date haha. Honestly couldn't ask for better coaches to be honest !!

My prep essentials:

Sugar free jelly: makes a perfect dessert/night time sweet treat that's guilt free but filling - all about the volume eating ! Xanthum gum has also helped with volume by adding to shakes and smoothies for a thicker fuller consistency.

Hales natural ppb: with lower fat macros I tend to hit these with my food choices so this is a great alternative when the pb cravings hit. With a decent protein carb ratio it's also perfect for a higher protein diet.

Jordan's skinny syrups (from TRKG): Adding sweetness and flavour to anything even water to stop the sugar cravings without the added calories :)


New week tomorrow and it's time for me to make my own meals based on the macros given to me the guys - it will be interesting to see if I can do it properly but it's a step in a better direction for me to go it alone. It will also make it easier on my boyfriend and meals together so happy household there :)

Training is being intensified and I can't wait !! Love it :) hot yoga and cardio are still part of it as well - I will be looking at differing ways to make my cardio fun and varied as well to keep the process exciting.

Here's to smashing weeks 3 and 4!! Il be back with an update in 2 weeks :)

Thanks guys

Vicki x

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