I can't help myself I just love it

For as long as I can remember I have always been active and felt a need to keep busy. There was after school sports clubs, brownies, guides, drama. When I was 12 my friend dragged me along to dance class I wasn't really up for it but being a good friend I went along. 2 months later she left and I stayed as I absolutely LOVED it !! It was fun, exciting and I was good at it, performing was the icing on the cake being on stage just made me feel alive and that was all I wanted to do.

Meaning dance became my main focus from about the age of 15 mainly contempoary - throwing myself into classes, performances, teaching and studying it for A-Level. Alongside all this I did go to the gym (cardio queen) and running.

The active streak didn't stop throughout Uni - doing a dance degree just wasn't enough apparently ha. I took extra classes both in and out of uni, attended dance society, cheerleading and trampolining. With my running and gym (cardio with some resistance machines now and abs - always abs ah) I did go through stages of burnout and overtiredness from pushing myself too hard, something I had to learn to control and factor in REST. Which is a skill in itself - pretty much there with it now ... I think.

However 3 years of uni, a year of living in London and a few failed auditions later I realised that dance was not the path for me. I still love dance don't get me wrong but I want to do it for fun not because I have to. So it was back to the drawing board ... what was I good at and what could i make a career out of ? And hello FITNESS came into light :)

It was during my final year at Uni that fitness became more interesting to me, I began to notice the positive impact on my dance training that fitness was having. Causing me on to write my dissertation about how dancers should supplement their training with fitness.

Exercise to music instructor seemed like the way to bridge the gap from dancer into fitness instructor. The course was great and I loved the practical exam getting a real buzz from teaching the class. Armed with this I moved to Manchester excited for what the futrue held.


I love exercising, the rush of endorphins whilst working out is great. Hitting PBs, smashing goals, achieving new exercises its all fun for me therefore I don't find it hard to do. However I understand this is not the same for everyone, and I wanted to help these people get the same feeling I do.

It's in my nature to help people - not trying to sound big headed or cocky its just me. I've always tried and will continue to do so.

Which is the main reason I became a personal trainer - I absolutely LOVE helping people achieve their goals whilst having fun doing it. The days clients see progress is a great day and there is nothing better than someone thanking you for all you have done. The fact I have a job I want to do and benefits people is something I am truly grateful for and couldn't have done without the suport from my boyfriend, family and friends. As I learn more and become more experienced my personal training improves and the results get better. Clients may hate me whilst we are training but they aren't complaining when they see what the outcome is.

Give me trainers over heels

Gym gear over dresses

protein shakes over alcohol.

Food shopping is much more fun for me that actual shopping ha.

I get excited about training sessions, HIIT and lifting weights. I love the way eating healthy makes me feel. Seeing and feeling progress is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Fitness is my hobby, my work and what I base my life around. Yes I know some of you will be reading this think how sad but do you know what ...

I don't give a damn because this is what I love. I will be that person that tweets about working out, takes pictures of my food and posts motivational quotes. That is part of who I am and if people don't like it then ....

It isn't a chore for me it is part my day to day life alongside eating, sleeping, socialising and relaxing.

I know i have definitely rambled haha sorry about that can't seem to help myself. Last thing to finish on -

Dedication, motivation and a passion are definitley needed for my line of work and for my goals so its a good job I have them :) :)

I can't wait to learn more, train harder amd build my business !! So watch this space :)


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