Product review: Jordans skinny syrups

I think these have to be my favourite find of the year I love them ! I was introduced to these by Laura aka PeanutButterNLashes who discovered them on TRKG coffee. These are syrups that have 0 calories and 0 sugars ! Enjoy the taste without the added extras - making them a perfect addition to any diet. For me they are going to be a lifesaver on this prep :)

Such a verstile product they can be added to anything - coffee, oats, yogurt you can add them into your

baking, make sauces with them and cook with them. I use mine in everything haha makes it all so much more tasty. With a range of flavours the possibilities are endless ! I would seriously suggest to anyone to get your hands on them - currently you can buy 4 bottles and get a 5th free. I would recommend salted dark chocolate espresso, salted caramel, coconut, vanilla almond and irish cream (just a couple of favouites haha)

Alongside the syrup range they also offer a skinny mixer range - making it easier to have low calorie cocktail and drinks options on your night out. The pommegrante margarita is a personal favourite especially when added to a cheeky glass of prosecco ;)

TRKG started off selling these and their own coffee bean blends but as they have grown as a company they have expanded their products.

Love hot chocolate ? Try their chocolate powders in peppermint, fudge and toffee

They also sell bars, nut butters, tea and snacks. I personally haven't tried these but have it on good authority from Laura and Liza (TRKG lovers) that they are pretty tasty.

So if you want to add something sweet into your diet without the added calories then i seriously recommend these syrups and check out TRKG for lots of other goodies !

Vicki xx

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