Snack attack

You've figured out how to make healthy meal choices, your exercise game is going strong and you're feeling a lot more confident about this lifestyle change expect for one thing ... snacks! Should you snack? what should you snack on if you do ? How can these fit into your lifestyle ?

These are questions I tend to get asked quite a lot by clients, friends and family and I understand it can get a bit confusing. It revolves alot around personal preference - some people don't like snacking and prefer to eat meals whether thats 3 big ones or 5-6 smaller ones.


When thinking of snack ideas always try to base them around some form of protein then depending on when and what you are doing pair them with fats or carbohydrates. If you are having one pre/post workout add some carbs in for the fuel your body needs.

Remember it is a snack so keep the portion size down. There are a variety of options for you have both homemade and bought so you don't need to reach for the sugary cereal bar thinking it's the healthiest option.

(photos from my instagram vicki_lou_pt)

Mix and match :) pick a protein then add your carb and/or fats

Protein: Greek yogurt/ Cottage cheese/ Chicken,Turkey,Prawns (veggie substitue) / Protein powder / Hummus / Eggs (hard boiled/scrambled/poached)

Carb: Rice Cakes, Oat cakes, Crackers / Sugar free granola (small handful) / Veg crudites / Fruit - berries, banana, apple (1 portion per day), dried fruit (small)

Fats (make sure to watch the portion): Nuts/ Nut butter / Avocado / Olive, coconut oil

A couple of my own favourites-

Greek yogurt, 1/2 protein powder and berries/nut butter

Rice cakes topped with cottage cheese (sweeten with sugar free syrup or stevia - its a gamechanger believe me)

Hard boiled eggs

Chicken and cashews

Homemade flapjack/protein balls


You can also buy protein bars such as:

- Quest bars: Great range of flavours, chewy texture and good macros at 20-25g carbs, 20/1g protein, 6-10g fats

-Combat crunch: Personally prefer these over quest as they are not as chewy and the flavour combos are great. Macros simular to quest.

-Reflex: These are a lower carb bar at only 10g per bar but great source of protein. No chunks but flavours are good cherry bakewell is a fave.

-Bounce: are a good little energy ball not as high in protein as the others however. If you warm these up for 10 secs in the microwave they are even better.

This can be quite pricey however buying in the bars so why not make your own :)

Check out my instagram posts for recipes for these:

Strawberry white chocolate muffins


Normal flapjack

Chia seed pudding

Mugcake - basic recipe is 1 scoop protein powder, 1 egg white, 100ml almond milk, 1 tblsp greek yogurt, 1/2 tsp baking powder. Mix all in a mug and microwave for 1.30-2mins. optional extras - cocoa powder, syrup, fruit puree. top with anything you fancy

I personally have quite a sweet tooth and like to have a sweet something before bed - have no idea why but just always have so for me this is where sugar free jelly comes in ! Guilt free, low calorie filling snack perfect for that post dinner dessert fix. Add some berries and yogurt if you can and thats a winner


I would also recommend checking out these creative baking gurus as they have loads of heathy and tasty snack ideas which are simple to make to :)

Spamella B

Nics Nutrition

Macro Mitch

Zanna van Dijk

Hebe Burton - Burton bakes

Delicious Duo

Nadias Healthy Kitchen

To name but a few ... If you follow me on twitter or instagram you will have probably seen me mention others so give them a cheeky look up to :)


I hope this has helped - if you have any questions regarding this blog or any of my others please don't hestitate to contact me either by commenting below or messaging me here.

Vicki x

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