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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Yes its that time again - workout time :) whether your at home, outside or the gym how do you start? Do you prepare yourself physically and mentally for whats about to happen or do you just go all guns blazing into the main workout ???!!

A warm up is essential to start your exercise session no matter what you are training. It should comprise of 3 sections:

*A pulse raiser to warm the body temperature - brisk walk/crosstrainer/rower for about 5 mins

*Joint mobility - working their range of motion


You can combine the 2nd and 3rd in dynamic stretches where you move through a stretch taking the muscles through their range of movement. Examples are: Leg swings, Alternate lunges, Arm swings, torso twists.


Prepares the body and the mind for exercise and what is to come

Reduces the risk of injury

Reduces the chance of muscle stiffness

Increases the heart rate and body temperature in preperation for more streniuos activity

Mind muscle conection heightened

Now your all warmed up and ready for your workout. The epic workout comes to the end and your all finished and can now go home / work.

But wait ... you have forgotten something ... TO COOL DOWN ! I can gurantee a high amount of the people that leave my gym haven't cooled down properly. If your a culprit of this I bet you stiffen up pretty quickly and the next day feel like you've been hit by a bus ... Yeh? Lack of cool down will be part of the reason.

5 mins should be taken to bring the heart rate and body tempeature slowly down by light cardio. Then you need to STRETCH. Held static stretches that you hold for 30 secs of all the musles you have used in the session.


Helps muscles relax and realign to their normal state

Aid in the dissaption of waste products like latic acid

Reduces the potentional or the intensity of DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness)

Less risk of blood pooling

Allows the heart rate to come down safely to resting state

Make it part of your routine - if your on a time restriction shorten the bulk of the workout by shorter rests, supersetting exercises. Always warm up and cool down your body will thank you for it !

Vicki x

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