Always be prepared

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail' ... Set aside a couple of hours on your sunday to meal prep for the day ahead ... have all of your next day meals ready for you the night before ...

Im sure you've all heard them and probably a lot of you follow them - I personally love to meal prep a it helps me stay on track. HOWEVER this isn't always going to happen sometimes things go wrong and your out and about with no food one hand. So what do you do to stop yourself ruining your hard work by grabbing the overpriced processed lunch/dinner package ?

Help is here :) :)

Here are a few things that should hopefully help you stay on track and not break the bank balance - beause eating healthily doesn't have to be expensive if you do it right.


If you don't have this Liberty then there are plenty of good salad options in M&S Co-op tescos etc just be careful and read the nutrionally info to avoid any that have high sugar and salt content. Also check the serving size quite a few tend to serve 2 so make sure you bear that in mind. Personally I tend to get another source of protein to go with them as they aren't always so high.

As far as premade meal choices I would say Marks and Spencer's have the best selection especially their fuller for longer range.


Ahhhh the salad bar ... Don't fall into the trap that everything on a salad bar is the healthiest of options. Yes you have the vegetables and pulses but there is also the heavily Mayo layden potato salad or pastas in creamy sauces not to mention the antipasti selection. All perfectly ok in moderation just don't go metal.

The best bet is to fill it with all the veggies, a couple of boiled eggs for protein and then a small amount of one of the carb based options - aim for the drier combinations rather than the creamy ones. And probably best to give the potato salad, coleslaw and antipasti a miss if your wanting it to be a light lunch.


You can't beat a good meal deal can you ? Dinner for under a fiver ? Bargain ! However you don't have to get the packet of crisps or chocolate bar or fizzy drink just because it tells you. Make sensible choices - yogurt is a great snack as the protein will help to fill you up and curb cravings just go for a low sugar one. Once again avoid any sandwich/salad where the salt and sugars are high these are the enemies not fat remember that! And best drink option is ... Yep you guessed it water ! Quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.



I will be writing a more in depth post on these so keep your eyes peeled

Aim for protein based ones

-Greek yogurt mixed with blueberries / nuts

- Cottage cheese topped ricecakes or with veg sticks

-Make your own :) check out my instagram for the recipes for these and more

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