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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

No pity party , sob story or an epic transformation just a little summary of my fitness and health journey so far to give you all a bit of background of why and how i got here :)

As a kid I was blessed with the good fortune of having a super fast metabolism meaning I could eat pretty much anything and burn it off (envy of a fair few friends thats for sure) Not that I ate loads of rubbish my parents were pretty good about the whole healthy eating thing 80/20 was pretty much the ruling in our house and I'm glad it was as I much prefer healthy wholesome food over fast food anyday.

Being active played another huge part in my growing up - long walks in the lakes, cross country running, team sports and dancing were on the agenda every week.

Working in a restuarant all day and teaching/participating in dance classes food would often get forgotten grabbing snacks where I could and finishing the day on a bowl of cereal as I couldn't be bothered to cook. Weight dropped off and at first it was unintentional but then it became obsessive - counting calories, starvation, endless cardio sessions all to keep the weight down. It wasn't healthy or fun I was tired, grouchy, had bad skin limp hair etc but wouldn't listen to anyone.

Along came university and a chance for me to do what I loved to do DANCE and in London !! Awesome :) and it was I loved it - most of the time anyway. Over my first year I struggled with the eating side of things battleling between what I had been doing and the fact I needed to be strong to dance. By the time it was summer I had started to realise something had to change. More food was needed! However I went about it the wrong way - upping my calorie intake loads straight away and eating what i thought was a clean diet basically low fat everything and next to no carbs. Causing my weight to flucuate a lot and i still counted. Downside to this was the binges as I was heavily restricted in my diet.

Speeding through the next 2 years of Uni life my relationship with food slowly got more relaxed and occasions too relaxed especially when there was a stressful dissertaion and end of third year to deal with. It was at the end of univeristy I was faced with that dreaded question ... What are you going to do now???

I had no idea all I knew is that I wanted to stay in London for at least another year to explore the world of dance and what it had to offer (well thats what I told myself) and the only way I could afford this was to be a live in Nanny. Now this was an experience in itself and as lovely as the kids and family were it was very stressful and lonely leading once again to over restriction and binging. However it made me realise I didnt want to be a dancer i wasn't in love with it as much as I used to be. So I started to look into fitness routes as I had loved that side of my degree :)

Fast forward to a year a go today when I moved to Manchester with my Group Exercise to Music Instuctor qualification ready to take on the fitness world of the NorthWest. Over the year I have become a healthier happier person because of the people and things around me.

*I began work experience at the Gym Group

*Embarked on my PT qualification and became one :)

*Discovered the power and benefits of lifting weights

*Living near my family and with Elliot (the boyfriend)

Weight had been gained and I was more fluffy than I wanted to be. But mentally I was happier and willing to work to the goal I wanted. Strong over skinny, fat loss over weight loss were the new mantras as well as eating to fuel my body and the activities I was doing. I have tried and failed a fair few times with my own fitness and nutrition journey and its ok to admit that.

My fitness and nutrition path to where I am now has not been a smooth one - a lot of trial and error as well as constant change (as I get bored pretty easy haha) I was excelling at my work helping people smash their goals but not so much my own.

This was when I called in the help of the fabulous fit duo that are @liftusfitness. Ash and Sophia are great mentors and now friends who have been amazingly supportive over the past month. Its only up from here !!

I met them at body power and we clicked instantly can't wait to see what the future holds for these two. Check them out over on Instagram - linked above.

So this is me a Personal Trainer in Manchester embracing everything thrown at me to improve both my personal and business life. I'm not perfect , I'm not in the best shape I could be, yes i make mistakes but I'm happy and slowly finding balance. Watch this space guys lots of things to come!!

Sorry about the ramble ;) but there you have it over and out


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