Hello July ! You fabulous month

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

As if we are half way through the year already !! Seriously where has time gone ?! Now as your all waiting to know why I think July is such a fabulous month I shall end your aniticpation.

First of all it's my birthday month :) 2 weeks today to be exact - I don't know about you but birthdays make me turn into a massive child and I love it. Also none of this day rubbish my celebrations happened over at least 2 weeks haha

Secondly its offically summer which is THE best season in my opinion especially if the sun is shining, so far Manchester you're doing well keep it up!

It is also the halfway point through the year so you can take time to reflect on the progress and achivements you have made so far and plan for the 6 months that lay ahead. I'm happy with mine I have to say - did not expect for a minute this time last year that I would be a self employed full time PT and fitness instructor living in the centre of Manchester. But I am and can't wait to see my business grow and expand alongside my own knowledge.

Through the power of social media I have connected with so many like minded and fabulous people who are a massive support in all aspects of my life. I even had the pleasure of meeting a few of them in person - its amazing what the power of positive social media can do. I am excited to see what the future brings for them as well as possible collaberations and meet ups that could occur.

Becoming an abassador for Natural Whey Company was a particular highlight as I respect what they stand for and believe in their ethos. Their products have no added nasties and taste awesome so what is there not to like!

Now in keeping with my previous post on goals here are mine for July:

  • My upper body strength is shocking so this is a big one for me but by the end of the month I WILL be able to do 1 unassisted pull up !

  • Contining on with my nutrition and fitness plan in order to lose the body fat I want to start seeing some muscle definintion.

Simple, realistic and time managed goals that I know I will achieve by the time 31 days are up - have you set yours ?

I hope you have all had a great first half of the year and heres to the rest of the year ! Starting off with your best summer yet xx

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