Updated: Nov 27, 2019

'A goal is a dream with a deadline'

We all have that one thing we are working towards and sometimes we can lose sight of it. The main reason behind this is simple - you set the bar TOO high to start with. Yes by all means have your main end goal that is the key focus point. But don't let it be your only focal point, break it down into managable bitesize pieces that you know you can achieve! This is something I get all my clients to think about and do for each month they train - SMART goals





Time managed

This way you can see yourself smashing them which motivates and stirs you on to continue with your journey :)

As it is coming to end of June why not go about setting yourself somethings to achieve for July? I have my list already done and ready to start on Wednesday! Let me know what yours are below and we can all help each other.

You have 31 days lets see what you can do :) :)

And remember ... allow flexibility - life happens, things get in the way but dont let that stop you :) just find another way to get there. I read this quote somewhere and it just made perfect sense

'Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other 3 tyres because you got a flat'

because you just wouldn't would you ? (and if you do then thats just odd ha)

Set those goals and demolish them!!!!

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