Feel Fabulous Fitness Guide

I originally created Feel Fabulous to be a 6 week fitness guide to go alongside the Feel Confident workbook to help you rediscover a love of fitness. Now I want to give the option to keep some structure to your training as we all settle into a new way of living.

There are 4 workouts a week to follow over the 6 weeks split over 3 week blocks. The other 3 days are for you to rest, recover, maybe add in some yoga and mobility work. 

I share some lifestyle advice and tips to go alongside as it isn't just about the fitness, it's a whole package.

There is some equipment needed for the workouts HOWEVER if you don't have access to it all that is completely fine. You can use what you have to complete the exercises for example no Kettlebell? Do the exercises with the Dumbbells and visa versa. I am only an email away if you need more guidance. 

We may not be able to access a gym right now but we can still keep our bodies moving and ourselves healthy. 


Everything in the E-Book has been created by me. As with anything exercise related please make sure you consult your GP or health care professional before starting to determine it is right for your needs. If you are experiencing any pain, dizziness, shortness of breath at any time during exercise stop immediately and seek medical help. You are responsible for exercising within your own limits and any concerns ask the relevant health care professional.

You are entering into this on your own merit and the use of any information in this guide is solely at your own risk.


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Workout Logs

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