Body Beautiful

In a world full of diets, body shaming and quite frankly fitness BS I want to offer something different, real and focused on you not results.

I am not here to preach a method, a diet or a quick fix transformation. Instead I want to help you start your journey to a healthier happier you.

For the next 6 weeks the focus isn't on a size, it isn't on an aesthetic goal - the focus is on you!

You building a more positive body image

You creating a healthier relationship with yourself

You training to be fitter, healthier and more in tune with what your body can do

You working on your mindset so you see your body for the fabulous thing it is.

I want you to feel empowered, inspired and taking steps to be more confident.

No fake promises, no epic transformations. It is a stepping stone to embrace the woman you are and show the world!

Feel Fabulous

A training plan that can be done in the gym or at home. 
4 workouts a week over the 6 weeks spilt into 2 halves 
Additional tips and advice for a healthier balanced lifestyle
Aimed to help you focus on how your body moves not how it looks

Feel Confident

A body confidence workbook filled with 6 weekly tasks for you to complete. Aimed to help you feel more confident in yourself and build a healthier and more positive body relationship.

I have created 2 ebooks to work along side each other over the course of 6 weeks. Based on my own experience, my fitness knowledge and my desire to change the narrative with diet culture and how women perceive themselves.


If you would just like to purchase just the Feel Fabulous Fitness Guide you can do for £8.00. Make sure to click the drop down option below when you go to pay to 'fitness guide only £8.00' 

Equipment you will need: 1 Kettlebell, a pair of dumbells, resistance band & skipping rope.

Once payment through paypal has been made your Ebook/s of choice will be emailed to you to be downloaded as a PDF file to the device of your choice.


Everything in the 2 parts to the E-Book has been created by me. As with anything exercise related please make sure you consult your GP or health care professional before starting to determine it is right for your needs. If you are experiencing any pain, dizziness, shortness of breath at any time during exercise stop immediately and seek medical help. You are responsible for exercising within your own limits and any concerns ask the relevant health care professional.

This also goes for the feel confident part I am not a qualified life coach or therapist all the views are my own and from my own personal experiences. I don't make any promises and if you feel you need more 1-2-1 care please seek a professional in the field to do so.


You are entering into this on your own merit and the use of any information in this guide is solely at your own risk.

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