Hello and welcome to my website. 

I'm Vicki, a twenty-something personal trainer based in Manchester.

Fitness may be my job but it isn't my life. I believe in this little thing called balance where we can work out, eat our greens and drink plenty of water alongside socialising, sleeping in and drinking a glass or two of Prosecco on a weekend. 

I want to show you it is possible to be fit and healthy without the need to restrict and punish yourself. I am a massive advocate of empowering women and helping build body confidence. It's time to step away from the diet culture mentality and focus more on yourself and achieving that positive relationship with yourself and life.

Which is why this blog is about more than just fitness, in fact fitness is only a very small part of it. I will always share with you the things I believe make a healthy balance lifestyle. I will share my thoughts and experiences when it comes to being body confident and loving yourself. As well as the things that make me happy and are happening in my life to show you the person behind the brand.

I studied Dance Performance at University and in my third year wrote a dissertation on strength training in dancers. It was whilst doing this I discovered a passion for fitness and how training can be beneficial. Upon graduating and spending a year in London I realised dance wasn't the field I wanted to work instead fitness was the way I wanted to go. I relocated to Manchester, trained as a Personal Trainer and started to build my business. 

Alongside all of this I was battling with disordered eating, severe low self esteem, a negative relationship with food, exercise and myself. A couple of years into my PT career I realised something had to change and I started to focus more on myself and my mental wellbeing. This shift helped shape my relationship with fitness, food and my body I have today. Which in turn has developed and moulded my outlook on being a PT and the fitness industry.

I am no longer just focused on fitness instead I am focused on helping women creating a positive relationship with themselves, fitness and food. I want to dispel the myths, provide guidance and support women through the mind field that is diet culture. 

Fitness should be fun and enhance our lives, food is to be enjoyed and nourish body and soul, life is for living and women are worth more than a number on a scale or the look of a body

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If you want to work with me in anyway or find out more then please drop me an email at info@vickimellardpt.com

You can also find me on Instagram @vickimellard (I use this alot) for a little bit more behind the scenes.

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