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Hello Ladies !

My name is Vicki and I am on a mission to help you feel fit, healthy, body confident and strong. Through personal experience I understand the pressures for women to look a certain way and fit in to this 'ideal' and I want to stop that. 

What will you find on vickimellardpt.com ...

FITNESS: As a female focused personal trainer my main focus is helping women embrace fitness as a lifestyle and find the fun in it. From sharing free knowledge bombs, workouts and content with you here on my blog to the 1-2-1 PT sessions you can book in with me I want to give you as many tools as you can. 

LIFESTYLE: Exercise isn't the be all and end all. There is so much more that needs focus on to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. From the foods you eat to the amount of sleep you have to your mindset it's about looking after number one - YOU! I share stories and experience about health, body confidence, wellbeing to help you find your balance.

EMPOWERMENT: I want to give ladies the tools to feel empowered, unstoppable and in control of your life. It's about taking ownership of you and your body and loving every moment.

Being active was always part of my life - being on school sports teams, running cross country and attending out of school clubs. I then got into contemporary dance and loved it! Deciding to embark on that as a career choice I attended Middlesex University and graduated with a First Class Ba(Hons) Dance Performance degree. However whilst on the course and the year after I felt dance wasn't what I wanted to do so I turned my attention to my other love Fitness. Starting out as a Group Exercise to Music Instructor I relocated to Manchester after 4 years of being in London. It was here I joined the Gym Group on work experience and embarked on my Personal training qualification. I have been a Personal Trainer for over 4 years now and during this time I have become solely focused on female only clients as well as Pre and Post Natal fitness. 

I have also suffered with disordered eating, severe low self esteem, a negative relationship with food, exercise and myself. And it is through these experiences and how I am now that further increase my passion and want to help other women. As I want to educate and support women not bombard with quick fixes and diet culture BS. 

Which is why I do what I do and want to help you live a balanced life learning to love your body through the whole process and beyond .  Whether you are complete beginner or someone who is just looking for some extra motivation I can help :)

As well as a little bit of my personal life and journey as we go along so you see the person behind the brand :) x


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Ladies do want to get fit and strong ___

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